Defer In A Sentence

Definition of Defer

(law, intransitive) To submit to the opinion or desire of another in respect to their judgment or authority. | To render, to offer.

How To Use Defer In A Sentence?

  • When it is in your power to do good defer it not, for charity delivered from death.
  • Godfrey resolved to defer till the morrow the task of proceeding to a new abode.
  • He must defer the recovery until the morrow, if he could summon courage to go on with it at all.
  • Then the rain came on, and they decided to defer the dash till the weather was more propitious.
  • Therefore, he might omit this operation, or he might defer it to a later stage.
  • I begged him in vain to defer it: there was a weight upon his mind, he said, which he must unload.
  • Therefore I must defer till the wanted intercourse between us and you is re-established....
  • To thy foul lust I never can consent; Why dost thou then defer my punishment?
  • I did, God lives, and will revenge it home, If you defer my condigne punishment.
  • This may require a commander to defer his choice until the situation has become more fully developed.
  • If you and the cabman must have a drink together, kindly defer the function until after your return.
  • Those who cannot be in time to witness the ceremony should defer their arrival until a sufficient time has elapsed to allow of its completion.
  • Dalton stole a look at her pouting lips, thinking he would defer the reply to her question for a while.
  • Under the circumstances it has seemed best to defer the attempt and to call attention in the footnotes to striking similarities with other fields.
  • Tuesday was a clear, sunny day, but the boys decided to defer their departure until the next morning.
  • Commanders are always anxious to grant correspondents passes after a victory; but they wish to defer the unwelcome publication of a defeat.
  • Various circumstances, beyond my control, united to defer the publication of the contemplated work to the year 1838.
  • But the sovereign thought it best to defer this point until his return from his proposed journey to Guelders.
  • Which of us will defer the use of them till he hath learned them, even as ignorant men do not use terms of geometry or music?
  • If you have neglected or overlooked this duty in time past, for your own sakes, for the sakes of your slaves, defer it no longer.
  • But the inconveniences of childbirth and the cares required by a little girl whom I adore, made me defer this pleasure.
  • Charles was not ready to meet the Swiss, and was willing to defer an issue, but he was wholly ignorant of the real strength of the confederation.
  • It would be better, on that account, to defer action till after the baker's visit on Wednesday.
  • If, however, by thoughtlessness or malice, her friends defer their visit, she must mourn for a much longer period alone.
  • Before this it had become evident that to defer any longer the formation of an independent government was to keep up an unnecessary source of weakness.
  • The war, which then existed between the Persians and the Turks, could not make him defer the execution of his pious enterprise.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Defer | Defer Sentence

  • But let me not defer longer.
  • I must defer a description of her.
  • At any rate she was made to defer her journey.
  • My joyful sentence you defer too long.
  • Shall we defer it, dear?
  • I must no longer defer my explanation!
  • But let me defer these painful matters as long as possible.
  • Why, then, should we defer the declaration?
  • The Dorriens had been obliged to defer their foreign trip.
  • Nor would he defer in any way to de Armijo.
  • If so, I would defer my trip East.
  • He was not the man to defer in that way to the prejudices of others.
  • Acquet pretended to be ill in order to defer his departure from Donnay.
  • I think perhaps we'd better defer that discussion, gentlemen.

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