Deleterious in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Deleterious

1. Above all their effect, in excess, is deleterious to the rubber. 🔊

2. This substance, when taken into the stomach, is highly deleterious to health. 🔊

3. He had "seen life," that is, everything deleterious to and destructive of it. 🔊

How to use Deleterious in Sentences?

1. How would you treat the dermatitis due to other deleterious substances of this class? 🔊

2. The moral atmosphere in our State appears to be in a deleterious and sanguinary condition. 🔊

3. There is therefore nothing deleterious in the usual practice of adulterating this commodity of the table. 🔊

4. The popular and ridiculous charge was, their having mixed deleterious ingredients with the tobacco. 🔊

5. The habit is very deleterious to those who practise it, and death results from excessive use of the drug. 🔊

6. The detection of the adulteration of beer with deleterious vegetable substances is beyond the reach of chemical analysis. 🔊

7. He showed so plainly what would inevitably be the deleterious results of the proposed plans that the committee decided against them. 🔊

8. The mushrooms have no deleterious effect whatever upon the vines, nor have the vines upon the mushrooms. 🔊

9. Obviously this is a slow and relatively expensive method, apart from the deleterious fumes arising from the quenching of the coke. 🔊

10. It is fair to say that the action of a comet might be deleterious if one of these orbs were to arrive directly upon us. 🔊

11. The bulk is thus enclosed in a wrapping of sheets, and any splinters or other deleterious substances are confined to the surface of the mass. 🔊

12. Because of their deleterious tendency, severe study as well as arduous and protracted manual labor ought to be avoided. 🔊

13. It was as if the place had been smoked out with some deleterious stuff; some destructive or poisoning gases, fatal to vegetable life. 🔊

14. If used in the house, a strong draught must be made, to prevent the deleterious effects of the charcoal. 🔊

15. I believe that it is by a direct operation on the system, and not by the generation of miasmata, that heat proves so deleterious to the infant. 🔊

16. Good drinking water can be secured by sinking properly located wells, and this water shows freedom from minerals of a deleterious nature. 🔊