Deliciousness in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Deliciousness

1. The deliciousness of Oriental sherbet is no matter of doubt or controversy. 🔊

How to use Deliciousness in Sentences?

1. Anne had her doubts as to the deliciousness of anything so spidery-looking as those strange fish, but she said nothing. 🔊

2. The deliciousness of the "garden of France" has altered him so that he stands to-day as more distinctly French than the citizen of Paris itself. 🔊

3. Anyway, despite physical discomforts, there was a certain deliciousness in the situation, even though she found it difficult to turn the talk into the spiritual trend she had proposed. 🔊

4. I cried, violently pushing away the table and walking out disgusted, to the great surprise of the people present, who expected me to revel in the deliciousness of the dish. 🔊

5. The exercise, the fresh air, the motion over the water, the deliciousness and delicate flavor of the fish, all conspire to tempt the most capricious appetite. 🔊

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