Delightful in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Delightful

1. The valley itself was a delightful spot to have reached. 🔊

2. I spent a delightful hour there quietly by myself. 🔊

3. He does tell perfectly delightful stories. 🔊

4. In a week or two he returned from his delightful outing. 🔊

5. The delightful music halted more than one hurrying group. 🔊

6. Lord Houghton told a number of delightful stories. 🔊

7. We also spent a delightful day with Sig. 🔊

8. Oh most delightful gentleman! DEM. 🔊

9. The jingal, for instance, is a delightful weapon at that range. 🔊

10. They displayed, however, the most delightful ignorance on the subject. 🔊

11. It was delightful to her to see how agreeable everyone was to Rosamond. 🔊

12. Parson Adams is one of the most delightful of all notion characters. 🔊

13. The time of year was delightful for the long journey through Spain. 🔊

14. There are in the same delightful locality some pretty Kiosks of the Sultan. 🔊

15. A--, had a delightful country house. 🔊

How to use Delightful in Sentences?

1. And how well the figures that animate this delightful landscape, harmonize with it. 🔊

2. Mamma and papa have returned from Onteora and they have had a delightful visit. 🔊

3. This was one of the most delightful evenings that I have ever spent in the northern woods. 🔊

4. I said I was at that moment studying it, and thought it a most delightful employment! 🔊

5. Mr. Grant was very pleasant, and began playing the charades in the most delightful way. 🔊

6. The country through which we passed afforded views of superb breadth and a most interesting and delightful quality. 🔊

7. She was so taken up with the delightful agitation of finding herself in such a large and imposing assembly that she scarcely thought of her words. 🔊

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