Derision in a sentence

Definition of Derision

Act of treating with disdain. | Something to be derided; a laughing stock.

How to use Derision in a Sentence?

  • Poverty in such a land is not merely privation, it is to live in derision and contempt.
  • Many a time since then has the same derision been awakened by this claim of Christ.
  • Henceforth ballooning would not be regarded with derision and unbelief in England.
  • Her horrid grin of derision brought a flush to his cheek; he faced her quite coolly.
  • For years the bands of the British regiments played it in derision of the provincials.
  • He was seated upon a throne of jet, and his arms supported in derision by two prize-fighters.
  • The leading lady regards you with critical derision or she doesn't regard you at all.
  • He pulled himself up short with a word of derision at the length to which he had permitted his mind to run.
  • They choose to make monarchy contemptible by exposing it to derision in the person of the most benevolent of their kings.
  • Treeless Brighton has been the derision alike of Doctor Johnson and Tom Hood, to name no others.
  • It was seated in a chair which had been pulled up to the screen with its back towards it, as if in mockery and derision of its power to keep it.
  • Wisely conceiving this remarkable attitude to be in mockery and derision of his devotions, the worthy muleteer was transported with fury.
  • Life is a serious matter-of-fact business to us, and we hold in stern derision the amenities of more sophisticated communities.
  • For standards they bore a loaf stuck on the point of a pike in derision of its tiny size, the result of the gabelle on flour.
  • A hoarse laugh followed this speech, and the drinking-cups were set down with a dash of derision as one after another took it up.
  • Chambers had got more sail on her now, and they could see him, coolly sitting at the wheel and waving a hand in derision back at them.
  • This was the movement that excited the derision of Wickens's boy in the adjacent gravel pit.
  • In some curious fashion, without doing anything to merit it, he had apparently become an object of scorn and derision to the party.
  • Others, in anxiously trying to follow motions, will make absurd mistakes, and bring down on themselves the derision of the spectators.
  • The worn-out arguments fail to convince, and denunciations that once blanched the faces of a race, excite in us only derision and disgust.
  • Mockery and derision are bad aids to the holy cause, and the hand, which grasps filth to throw at an adversary, is itself the first soiled.
  • It was here that we heard for the first time the epithet Huguenots applied as a term of reproach and derision to the Protestants.
  • At least, let us hope that we shall all live to see these absurd books about Success covered with a proper derision and neglect.

Short Example Sentence for Derision

  • A laugh of derision sounded at the rear.
  • A yell of derision told that he had missed.
  • A shadow of derision parted her lips.
  • They laughed in derision at his small request.
  • His fancy detected derision in the squall of the saws.
  • Groans, yells, shrieks of derision rent the air.
  • In derision they addrest Him as a king.
  • The thrusting out of the tongue in derision is as common now as it was then.
  • But his only answer was a shout of derision and the cocking of pistols.
  • With a laugh of derision she fled along the passage pursued by him.
  • And a quiet smile of derision showed itself at the corners of my mouth.
  • She looked at him, and there was a gleam of derision in her narrowed eyes.
  • Bob's derision seemed to be like oil poured upon a fire.
  • In great derision he squirted half a tube of cerulean blue upon his canvas.
  • And the other women shouted derision at her, "Ngwe-nkonde!
  • Debate abruptly adjourned; evening wasted; howls of derision from Radicals.
  • These Anti-Vigilantes came to be known in derision as the Law-and-Order Party.

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