Deserves in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Deserves

1. Lowell deserves credit for what he did. 🔊

2. And richly she deserves his love! 🔊

3. This record deserves not to be forgotten. 🔊

4. One bad turn deserves another. 🔊

5. Every new fault deserves a new penance. 🔊

6. The poisoned-water-supplies lie deserves further attention. 🔊

7. At all events, she deserves the sympathy of no one. 🔊

8. The third book on our list deserves very great praise. 🔊

9. Our Thirteenth deserves a passing notice. 🔊

10. Hadji Hussein deserves a passing recommendation. 🔊

11. I only know That she deserves you should remember her. 🔊

12. I only know That she deserves you should remember her. 🔊

13. On this insertion Luther deserves to be heard himself. 🔊

14. He deserves it, For never trusting this affair to me. 🔊

15. He deserves 'em, too. 🔊

16. Your work is unsatisfactory and your slackness deserves reprobation. 🔊

17. Takuan deserves esteem and appreciation for other than culinary reasons. 🔊

18. But our little city deserves it, for everybody here raves about art. 🔊

19. How little either sire or son Of such renown deserves the meed! 🔊

20. From the Catholic standpoint Luther deserves an aureole for that struggle. 🔊

21. Another point in Mr. Howitt's evidence deserves notice. 🔊

22. We won't discuss the question of whether he deserves it or not. 🔊

How to use Deserves in Sentences?

1. That which is outside deserves a passing notice as the environment of the capital. 🔊

2. My former life deserves their good conceits, Which is not blemisht with this treacherie. 🔊

3. The Syrphus fly, or Aphis eater, deserves more than the passing notice which we bestow upon it. 🔊