Desirable in a sentence

Definition of Desirable

Worthy to be desired; pleasing; agreeable. | A thing that people want; something that is desirable.

How to use Desirable in a Sentence?

  • It is not desirable to use the voice where there is loud noise by way of opposition.
  • Where economy of winding space is desirable the advantages of this may readily be seen.
  • He stuck his little pudgy fingers out below her ears to show the desirable length.
  • Nor would such an agency be desirable if characterized by the features of the old poor law.
  • It struck me that not many months must pass before this desirable end might accomplish itself.
  • Were the curved back members metal, the curvature would be desirable and legitimate.
  • It is very desirable that the palmyra planks and laths should be purchased by the Dessave.
  • It seemed to her that she could not have chosen any more desirable profession in the world for her man.
  • It is most desirable that a closer bond should unite the plantation and manufacturing rubber industries.
  • Equality in all these points is desirable for social unity: but it is not indispensable for political strength.
  • Who can say that a punishment for a limited period would have answered that end in a greater or more desirable degree?
  • Clay is a most desirable material with which to form works of utility and of beauty, and this for many reasons.
  • Only the pedant would disown so desirable a tenant for the poor reason that the house has been rebuilt since his day.
  • They were at the front door, and all hope of escaping into the desirable obscurity from which he had sprung fled from his mind.
  • The previous season he was at quarter-back, but his punting makes him a more desirable man further back.
  • The radiant, or glowing, bloomy neutrality of effect is that which it is most desirable that a carpet should present.
  • It stands in a channel cut for the purpose, but was rolled forward before the entrance when it was desirable to have the tombs closed.
  • I say that clay is a very desirable material for formation into vessels of various kinds, because of its inexpensive character.
  • What is desirable is an evenly spread pattern, such as will give richness without destroying the unity of the entire effect.
  • What he had asked himself again and again was why, since she was so perfectly desirable in every way, he had never fallen in love with her?
  • The girls bridled with pleasure at the rude compliments, pretending not to hear them, feeling very desirable and womanly in their finery.
  • A man with brains, though possibly lacking in other desirable qualifications, may easily outdistance the more experienced salesman.
  • In comparison with all this rottenness, any check, any cleansing, though by fire, seemed desirable and beautiful.
  • And the more he observed his brother-in-law, the more he felt how desirable it was that May should have a husband to take care of her.
  • Another point which requires consideration is whether it is desirable for the Viceroy to preside himself over the deliberations of the Council.
  • Far be it from me to suggest that it is desirable that the inculcation of the doctrine of evolution should be made a prominent feature of general education.
  • I thought to myself that if he had set out to entrench himself in her good graces, he was taking the poorest of all methods to accomplish that desirable end.
  • These are advantages which it would be especially desirable for the foreign-born groups, as many of them have experienced the pitfalls of home ownership.
  • However desirable it may be to diminish the number of grades, it must be pointed out that diminution and simplification are not necessarily synonymous terms in this matter.
  • Naturally clay is black, grey-white, red, brown, and yellow, and it is capable of assuming many desirable tints by the agency of chemical means.
  • In still other cases it is desirable to have the generator circuit normally open so that it will not affect in any way the electrical characteristics of the line while the line is being used for talking.
  • The reading of great books is desirable and indispensable to education, but real culture comes through the additional training one receives in conversation.
  • Working with standard latex it is found that strips of coagulum 1-1/2 inches in thickness require little rolling to produce sheets of desirable thickness.
  • From the point of view of the housewife the desirable thing is that the transaction of buying her household goods and food and of selecting her house, shall be as simple as possible.
  • In that faint light which seemed to creep over the world before the moon itself was revealed, she seemed to him at that moment the fairest, the most desirable thing on earth.

Short Example Sentence for Desirable

  • Finish is very desirable in some cases.
  • It is desirable that you should own the books you read.
  • What a devilish desirable woman!
  • It made them no longer merely desirable but urgent.
  • State the desirable characteristics of good enamel insulation for magnet wire.

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