Desired in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Desired

1. He desired only to live in the present. 🔊

2. Jones desired nothing more than an encounter. 🔊

3. He desired me to rise and follow him. 🔊

4. It was of the city of Orleans she desired to know. 🔊

5. At last her father desired her to sing some Greek songs. 🔊

6. Polson at once desired them to do their best, and to destroy the cubs. 🔊

7. Therefore, he resented their insinuations and desired only to be left alone. 🔊

8. It being then morning, the king desired them to return in the evening. 🔊

9. Think out an ornamental scheme, and then try to realise the desired effect. 🔊

10. Dave could have had half of Gumbolt for posse had he desired it. 🔊

11. Mrs. Wickersham desired this too, but she also had a further motive. 🔊

12. The Viscountess desired her footmen to send "Argant" to show the rooms. 🔊

How to use Desired in Sentences?

1. The soldiers only desired to be told what she counselled, and to a man they would support her. 🔊

2. The question which his position presented, and about which he desired my counsel, troubled me. 🔊

3. Not so in London; nor were there grapes or polenta even if she desired nothing else. 🔊

4. But wishing to be humane as well as rational, I desired his death to be temporary. 🔊

5. He desired me anxiously to elaborate this view, and I assured him it was quite within my powers. 🔊

6. The dark dado gives the desired background without rendering it necessary that the entire wall be dark. 🔊

7. The next day the chancellor asked him how much of a vacation he wanted, and where he desired to spend it. 🔊

8. He would have been able to do a number of things he had never done, things which he had always desired to do. 🔊

9. True, he had prayed to be kept sober; but had his heart fully and sincerely desired what his lips had prayed for? 🔊

10. Yet, as sporadic announcements in the newspapers presently indicated, the system was by no means producing desired results. 🔊

11. They desired him to call his little favourite; he whistled, and the mouse immediately leaped upon his shoulder. 🔊