Desiring in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Desiring

1. No one can find the way by desiring it. 🔊

2. Mary asked, desiring vaguely to hinder her. 🔊

3. Am I not justified in desiring her presence? 🔊

4. Cannot one look upon a woman, without desiring her for his own? 🔊

5. And the stallions sped rapidly homeward, desiring their stable. 🔊

6. What reason could I have for not desiring to see such a discovery made? 🔊

7. Smith's management were false, and desiring an investigation. 🔊

How to use Desiring in Sentences?

1. Proportionate charges are made for anyone not desiring to make the entire trip. 🔊

2. But to gain any such end, the masses of the people must be educated to the point of desiring it. 🔊

3. He opened the cabin door and called to a man, desiring him to tell the cook to bring in some food. 🔊

4. Then he, desiring to try whether so the matter was, repaired unto the house of the bishop. 🔊

5. Any young lady desiring to attend the University, is asked to correspond with her. 🔊

6. Before his departure he gave Triphyna his keys, desiring her to amuse herself in his absence. 🔊

7. France was represented as being unprepared and, together with England, desiring only peace. 🔊

8. God is my witness, I go, not desiring by my presence or my words to reproach you further. 🔊

9. He had arrived at desiring nothing better than her fantastic housekeeping and gipsy camping-out methods. 🔊

10. What conceivable benefit could result from thus perpetually desiring to know and perpetually being baffled? 🔊

11. And the howl from the man-of-war's men was as the howl of beasts desiring their prey. 🔊

12. The price of anything is the quantity of labour given by the person desiring it, in order to obtain possession of it. 🔊

13. Tenant co-partners leaving or desiring to discontinue as co-partners have the right to sell their bonds to trustees at par. 🔊