Diffident in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Diffident

1. But they are not diffident on this account. 🔊

2. His nature was diffident and unassuming. 🔊

3. She was shy, and diffident about herself. 🔊

4. Then with a hesitating, somewhat diffident air. 🔊

5. You see I have been too diffident about it. 🔊

6. It is so simple that I am diffident about suggesting it. 🔊

7. Harvey was rather diffident and hesitated to press a loan on her. 🔊

8. She was always just diffident enough without being self-conscious. 🔊

9. Shyly diffident in the presence of strangers, her head was lowered. 🔊

10. Then a diffident voice with an unmistakably foreign accent made reply. 🔊

11. My suggestion of the reason is a diffident surmise, pure and simple. 🔊

12. The diffident Jerry fingered the money in the drawer of the table uncertainly. 🔊

13. Pete Robey was fifteen, a lank, dark-eyed fellow, rather diffident and quiet. 🔊

How to use Diffident in Sentences?

1. But one feels very diffident when he knows the slight value of what he has to offer. 🔊

2. Barrington was the most diffident of men; his bashfulness amounted to actual pain. 🔊

3. There was a pause; then the knob turned and the visitor entered with diffident step. 🔊

4. He approached her bedside one day in a shamefaced, diffident manner, looking doubtfully at her. 🔊

5. My aunt was never diffident about telling her story, and why should I hesitate to tell mine? 🔊

6. The officer who had charge of us was a Cretan Turk, a kind-hearted but rather diffident man. 🔊

7. So far as any plan whatsoever had formed in the mind of our diffident adventurer he meant to bide where he was for the moment. 🔊