Diffident in a sentence

Definition of Diffident

(archaic) Lacking confidence in others; distrustful. | Lacking self-confidence; timid; modest

How to use Diffident in a Sentence?

  • But one feels very diffident when he knows the slight value of what he has to offer.
  • Barrington was the most diffident of men; his bashfulness amounted to actual pain.
  • There was a pause; then the knob turned and the visitor entered with diffident step.
  • He approached her bedside one day in a shamefaced, diffident manner, looking doubtfully at her.
  • My aunt was never diffident about telling her story, and why should I hesitate to tell mine?
  • The officer who had charge of us was a Cretan Turk, a kind-hearted but rather diffident man.
  • That diffident pilgrim Has sat without speaking, And crossed himself, sighing.
  • So far as any plan whatsoever had formed in the mind of our diffident adventurer he meant to bide where he was for the moment.
  • Both were flushed and sparkling, but when they found themselves alone together a diffident silence fell upon them.
  • I am always diffident about taking the place of the former, but rejoice to rescue babes from the care of the latter.
  • Bob was a little diffident about going in, after the trick he had played, but the nervous passenger seemed to forget all about that.
  • Thus the diffident girl was led to surpass herself, and infuse so much spirit and grace into her playing as to surprise even her aunt.
  • She started and turned toward him with a quick, diffident smile, her dark eyes filling with an unspoken apology.
  • I am glad that you are so diffident and so little inclined to ask on the ground of your Christian profession that the past be overlooked.
  • She could not be secure of what his real sentiments were, therefore, by a natural consequence, she was diffident in the expression of her own.
  • On other more important points, therefore, we may differ from the newest scientific opinion without too much diffident apprehensiveness.
  • The situation was awkward in the extreme and Harry, diffident and sensitive as he was, felt it keenly.
  • I did not make a copy of the note which related to myself, because I should naturally have felt diffident in making any use of it.
  • All six of the hunters, as privileged characters, were present, but only three of the seamen, awkward and diffident at being aft.
  • Another thing which prevented him getting on, was that, in some respects, Harry was a very diffident man.
  • He was diffident of his own powers, hardly daring to hope that he should succeed in winning the most beautiful and gifted girl in London.
  • Some student, diffident but worthy, was always encouraged; another was incited by sarcasm; still another was scolded outright.
  • So diffident that the bashful David seemed by contrast a man of cultured ease, he was now blushing till the back of his neck was red.
  • Yet the report was oddly diffident about the possibility that the U.S. system actually works better.

Short Example Sentence for Diffident

  • But they are not diffident on this account.
  • His nature was diffident and unassuming.
  • She was shy, and diffident about herself.
  • Then with a hesitating, somewhat diffident air.
  • In fact, one feels diffident about having said so much.
  • You see I have been too diffident about it.
  • It is so simple that I am diffident about suggesting it.
  • Harvey was rather diffident and hesitated to press a loan on her.
  • She was always just diffident enough without being self-conscious.
  • Then a diffident voice with an unmistakably foreign accent made reply.
  • Shyly diffident in the presence of strangers, her head was lowered.
  • My suggestion of the reason is a diffident surmise, pure and simple.
  • Hilda asked with diffident dignity, and very well informed to the contrary.
  • His very character till he became As diffident as a girl.
  • The diffident Jerry fingered the money in the drawer of the table uncertainly.
  • Pete Robey was fifteen, a lank, dark-eyed fellow, rather diffident and quiet.

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