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How To Use Dignity In A Sentence?

  • She rather enjoyed showing off her lion, whose simple dignity was quite impervious to lionizing.
  • Then first he feels his dignity supreme When he can make the long-expecting happy.
  • Though not in dignity to match with yours, The weapons woman wields are not ignoble.
  • I would sit and watch that stiff dignity of self-indulgence, and wonder, wonder....
  • There was a dignity about Dan Anderson now which left Ellsworth distinctly uncomfortable.
  • It ill beseems The dignity of a renown'd commander, T' escort his mistress in the street.
  • They equally protest against the common beliefs in the supreme dignity of labour and its utilities.
  • It was a custom which was so well established and so universally recognized, that it had all the force and dignity of law.
  • She would be ready when he came to receive him with dignity and strength untainted by resentment or any petty feeling.
  • The pettiest bit of ceremonial law is here of equal dignity with the most far-reaching principle of political obligation.
  • All my lectures upon the importance of keeping up the dignity of the profession, and the respectability of the company were in vain.
  • An occasional smart coupe went by as if to prove that prancing horses were still necessary to the dignity of the old aristocracy.
  • Consider that the point in question is not so much my sorely insulted dignity as an artist, as a simple duty of benevolence.
  • The accident of a slight tinge of color had hardly risen even to the dignity of a joke in the freedom of the settlement and the forest.
  • Margaret had gained in dignity and prettiness by the lapse of five years, and she was now very beautifully and richly and simply dressed.
  • He was awful in his dignity then, with the wine-bottle beside him and a glass held half-way to his lips.
  • Alice had missed what she had once begun to expect, romance and all that it meant; but she had filled with dignity the place she had chosen.
  • He carries off the dignity with great stateliness, conscious of the vast gulf fixed between him and tenants with no initials after their name.
  • The thought helped him to "overcome the sharpness of death," and die with greater dignity than he had lived.
  • There was a grave dignity about her as she entered, which sat impressively upon her young face, so fair and sweet and gentle.
  • He might have been one of the amusement kings of America judging from the immense gravity and dignity of his demeanor.
  • Steve walked over with dignity and firmly closed the door, closing it, through sheer inadvertence, from the inside.
  • No one would have perceived either her lineage or her present dignity as wife of the manager by her plain, dark-calico dress.
  • The latter added sanctity to the former, the former gave dignity and consideration to the latter, in the eyes of a martial generation.
  • He could not help remarking too that Apafi now needed no one to remind him how to preserve his princely dignity in the presence of others.
  • He was now master of the greater part of Germany, and it was quite evident that he must either obtain the imperial dignity or fall.
  • If the misguided man had attired himself in a toga, he would have carried the Mantle without dignity perhaps, but certainly with picturesqueness.
  • And then the injuries I suffered in my personal dignity and my managerial authority from the visits of these great London actors.
  • His face, which was dark as that of an African, his snowy beard, and his air of majestic dignity gave him a most noble and striking appearance.
  • She was venerable in appearance and scrupulously neat in her dress, and her manner had just the right touch of dignity and deference, until we explained our errand.
  • With haughty dignity Denis Banfi sits back on the velvet cushions of his coach; all the pomp and splendour which surrounds him suits him well.
  • A flash of intuition told me that behind her white dignity was a passionate disappointment, a shattering of dreams that needed before everything else the relief of weeping.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dignity | Dignity Sentence

  • The dignity of my ancestors.
  • The dignity of motherhood was vindicated.
  • The dignity of Bill Godfrey had to be sustained.
  • This from its dignity is now dethron'd!
  • The right of man and the dignity of man are its principal watchwords.
  • It was not the beauty of her serene face, or the dignity of her mien.
  • At this explanation Clement the Clerk forgot his dignity altogether.
  • King George conferred the dignity of a Viscountcy on the Field-Marshal.

Definition of Dignity

The state of being dignified or worthy of esteem: elevation of mind or character. | Decorum, formality, stateliness. | High office, rank, or station.
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