Disappointed In A Sentence

Definition of Disappointed

Defeated of expectation or hope; let down. | simple past tense and past participle of disappoint

How To Use Disappointed In A Sentence?

  • For 17 years my modified forest-type planting of black walnut trees has not disappointed me.
  • It was evident that Louise was greatly disappointed to find that her friend had gone.
  • Every time Jim slipped I had a hope; but always on he crept and disappointed it.
  • He spoke no more of help from France; was evidently as disappointed as Miss Wolfe was.
  • He died, an embittered and disappointed man, in the obscurity of the United States Senate.
  • He was mentioned as one of the directors of a company which the paper declared was among those that had disappointed the expectations of investors.
  • I am sure that, apart from our political views, we should all have been disappointed if your father had not won.
  • He was only startled and disappointed at the air of cold surprise and the suspicious look with which she received his imperfect tale.
  • He was disappointed but relieved, fearing that the exultation in his heart would betray him in the presence of strangers.
  • She would be disappointed at first; but she would get over it, and they would all be as happy together as before.
  • The writer remembers the manner of one, disappointed at its bread sap, most of the milk of which had been absorbed.
  • So, checkmated in their search, the group of would-be captors had to wheel about and go back disappointed to their fortress.
  • This gave him title and honors, and his great grandson expiated the blood shed at that time, with a disappointed life.
  • The two children, disappointed of their morning's sport, went slowly back toward home.
  • She was a little disappointed that Worthing had not expressed himself with more salt on the subject of the Vicar.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disappointed | Disappointed Sentence

  • The repetition rather disappointed him.
  • He was a silent and disappointed man.
  • The cat was greatly disappointed when she heard that.
  • Some young ladies would be disappointed at this.
  • The men were sadly disappointed at this arrangement.
  • My set of people had irritated him and disappointed him.
  • The kind lady looked disappointed at the suggestion.
  • But oh! how disappointed the poor widow was.
  • I do not know that I am disappointed at all.
  • If she did, I disappointed her.
  • The Judge looked anxiously at her disappointed face.
  • Mrs Partridge was disappointed in Chook.
  • I'm so disappointed not to see you.
  • The little girl laid the slate down, and looked disappointed and sad.
  • It was no satiety, it was no disappointed hope, nor any vague desire.
  • I apologize sincerely if I have misled and disappointed you.
  • In our case, therefore, hate has sprung out of disappointed love.
  • He was disappointed that Beatrix hadn't come.
  • The emperor, disappointed and even ashamed, sat in scornful silence.
  • It disappointed me of that rose brocade which I was never to see.
  • I think I'm some disappointed too, maybe.
  • She'll be disappointed very likely when she hears I've succeeded.
  • No Indian letter' (in a disappointed voice).
  • We were greatly disappointed that no work of Miss Setchell adorns the walls.
  • Of course she was disappointed when she saw only Hazel and Bushy-Tail!

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