Disdain in a sentence

Definition of Disdain

(transitive) To regard (someone or something) with strong contempt. | (intransitive, obsolete) To be indignant or offended. | (uncountable) A feeling of contempt or scorn.

How to use Disdain in a Sentence?

  • I should disdain to owe your smallest care for me to any menace, or to any meanness.
  • He was sure she would not so punish him again, but her disdain would not be needed.
  • He even left the papal palace in disdain when he found his labors unappreciated.
  • There was something in the calm disdain of it which pleased me, and struck me as characteristic.
  • Does he disdain to have recourse, hap-hazard, to the little artifices of eloquence?
  • She tilted her nose, however, in vast disdain at the tenor of the rest of the letter.
  • Men, as much from disdain as from a fancied superiority, have denied us all learning; Mme.
  • Maybe thou no longer lovest us, yet I think thou wilt not disdain this gift for thy wife.
  • The Count of Nideck does not disdain Sperver, the old hawk, the true man of the woods.
  • Intrenched in their possessions the landed class looked down with haughty disdain upon the farming and laboring classes.
  • The offer was generous, but the garrison rejected it with a good-tempered disdain and the siege went on with renewed earnestness.
  • It is a necessary and warrantable pride to disdain to walk servilely behind any individual, however elevated his rank.
  • The destinies of their empire, as they appear in prospect before us, disdain the powers of human calculation.
  • Of these twain do thou vouchsafe to bestow the one boon on this damsel, and the other on me, and disdain thou not my request.
  • Black Snake pointed his flint-headed spear with a look of disdain at the heart of the watchful beast.
  • Miss Desmond's slight bow was accompanied by a look of surprise and disdain directed towards me.
  • Yet exactly as a woman of feeling would not wear false jewels, so would a builder of honor disdain false ornaments.
  • In an instant Greeba's little burst of disdain was spent, and she was all humility and entreaty.
  • Invectives Men no more regard; With just Disdain thy Scare-Crow Muse is heard.
  • Ronicky Doone did not wonder that, after her first fear, her gesture was one of disdain and surprise.
  • But there is injustice; and, let us trust, one of which honourable men will at no very distant period disdain to be guilty.
  • Such a student will disdain the humbler walks of painting, which, however profitable, can never assure him a permanent reputation.
  • For ever it avails, or avails not; no estimate can raise, no disdain depress, the power which it holds from the Maker of things and of men.
  • There is something ominous in the light which has enabled us to look back with disdain upon the ages among whose lovely vestiges we have been wandering.
  • Writers who boast a sort of finical superiority will no doubt disdain these barbarian delights, and wonder that memory should be persistent over mere physical sensations.
  • We often used to laugh in concert at the truckling to her of persons the most considerable, and of the disdain they drew upon themselves, although she did not testify it to them.
  • He had been hard worked on shore, and it was said that when he sought the seclusion of his own cabin he was not unmindful of that comfort which we are told the first navigator of the ocean did not disdain to use.

Short Example Sentence for Disdain

  • She did not disdain the compliment.
  • The disdain deepened on his lips.
  • Do you disdain to labor for your wife and children?
  • They disdain to plot against an inferior person.
  • He carried on his craft in disdain of theory.
  • You take the rose, and disdain to look at the violet.
  • The disdain of the Irish maddened her.
  • As a boy I disdained sweethearts; as a man they disdain me.
  • Kosciuszko was too great a patriot to disdain wariness and cool calculation.
  • He would not disdain their succor; the end justified the way.
  • With cynical disdain they asked, "What is that to us?
  • It was incredible--their disdain of you.
  • But I flatter myself, Madam, that V. E. will not disdain mine.

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