Disturbed in a sentence

Definition of Disturbed

Showing symptoms of mental illness, severe psychosis, or neurosis. | Extremely alarmed; shocked. | simple past tense and past participle of disturb

How to use Disturbed in a Sentence?

  • The close-bound soil gave obstinate signs of not having been disturbed for many a year.
  • But he waited in vain the whole night through; no sound of cannonade disturbed the quiet air.
  • Then, her mind disturbed by visions of thieves bent on plunder, she had hit on a plan.
  • Nothing disturbed them except the creaking and the rumbling of the Russian steam-roller.
  • Brook was disturbed and directed Boy to prepare a chamber upstairs for Hartford and Mercedes.
  • Manguino didn't seem to be overly disturbed seeing that his wife and child were mutilated.
  • We had venison for the next four-and-twenty hours, and we disturbed the deer no more that afternoon.
  • When disturbed it takes to the ground and seeks cover in the leaf litter or beneath logs or palm fronds.
  • She fought with the servants, got into the way of the nurses, and disturbed the patients with her noise.
  • In the latter, the flux which threads the fine wire winding is disturbed by motions of the transmitting diaphragm.
  • They were annoyed at being disturbed in such a manner but Lilith didn't show her aggravation.
  • All around was wild and primitive; and fair in its negligent beauty as though it had never been disturbed by the hand of man.
  • One little weakness, however, in their otherwise estimable characters had at times disturbed the even course of our friendship.
  • His entrance disturbed a vast number of bats, that flew shrieking out of the damp hollows of the rocks and whirled wildly round him.
  • She was still somewhat disturbed over it, and showed it in her manner so clearly that Keith asked what was the trouble.
  • I was really glad not to discover among them one pair that, within the last few days, had already more than once disturbed my peace of mind.
  • This great question has, in all ages, agitated and disturbed the human mind, and been a prolific source of atheistic doubts and scepticism.
  • This disturbed me very seriously, since it promised me bankruptcy, and I was sorry that this detail had been overlooked in the beginning.
  • What however somewhat disturbed our enjoyment of the meal was, that Sali told us, now would begin the bad roads.
  • The Canoness nodded haughtily, raised the latch, and left me standing outside, disturbed and bewildered.
  • He was so weary that once he had fallen asleep he never woke up again until it was quite dark, when he was disturbed by two lassies who had come into the dairy.
  • With this liberalism, which was not disturbed at being called radicalism, Mr. Wilson in his public career had been consistently identified.
  • All the windows were smashed to atoms, the furniture and fixtures in the interior were rattled, and some lighter articles disturbed from their position.
  • Usually it discharges across arresters and when this discharge takes place, the line is disturbed in its balance and loud noises are heard in the telephones upon it.

Short Example Sentence for Disturbed

  • One fact related disturbed him.
  • The people were also disturbed by it.
  • The telephone bell disturbed his reflection.
  • Some one passing me saw my disturbed look.
  • Brook instantly became disturbed and let her off his lap.
  • This disturbed Orren to his very core.
  • The proprietor seemed genuinely disturbed by the information.
  • Her thoughts were disturbed again by a terrific noise in the terrace opposite.
  • The sound of a horse's hoofs disturbed him.
  • Keith knew that he was considered rich, and it disturbed him.
  • No clang of arms disturbed the gaieties of the careless young monarch.
  • Lycas was greatly disturbed by this information, and flew into a rage.
  • I left no trace of hand nor print of foot, nor disturbed the rough herbage.
  • Val, much disturbed by these sayings, examined the shoulder of mutton.
  • He was disturbed when Lloyd never came back down to get his pack.
  • Eltondale's arguments as he could recal to his disturbed memory.

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