Dragged in a sentence

Definition of Dragged

simple past tense and past participle of drag

How to use Dragged in a Sentence?

  • Then with difficulty he dragged the body from under the horse and straightened it out.
  • Only when two hours had dragged by, and then two more, did we begin to get anxious.
  • I feel you have taken my life, dragged it in your wake for a time, thrown it aside.
  • She dragged her tired limbs to the palace gates, and stood there, bent and tottering.
  • McTavish dragged out a sack made of rice matting and emptied its contents on the floor.
  • Foot by foot the Federals dragged themselves forward, slowly pressing the guerrillas back.
  • And so he raged, while the conspirators labored to soothe him, and Brig dragged Bowles outside.
  • In the midst of his slumbers, a dream in which he thought he was being dragged to the fire like a calf for branding came to him.
  • The band immediately closed round me and dragged me out of the palace, bearing off the three laborers likewise.
  • When all is ready this is slowly dragged along the ground, and is thrown down immediately the whirr of wings is heard.
  • The minutes dragged by like hours while they waited there, in hushed suspense, for they scarcely knew what.
  • But what was that dark lifeless weight hanging by the stirrup, dragged across sand and bramble as the horse staggered on?
  • His boat slipped from under his feet, and he fell short, but caught the gunwale of the other, and dragged himself up to it.
  • With an effort that forced a groan from him he dragged himself a pace forwards and plucked Gray by the sleeve.
  • And he ran as fast as he could, and dragged all the dry branches and bits of stick he could find close up to the mouth of the den.
  • We passed a sickly-looking girl with a sallow face, who dragged her limbs and peered at us dimly with painful eyes.
  • Here in my drawing-room, I will not have this black demon of the war dragged in as an excuse for murder!
  • Those from above watched the four surviving desperadoes, clutched and locked, dragged far down beneath and drowned like curs.
  • Every child in the days of our fathers knew the story of Putnam, and the she-wolf which he dragged from its den.
  • He stooped accordingly, and getting his hands beneath the arms of the corpse, dragged it to one of the flights of steps that led down to the water.
  • When teeth became touched with decay or were otherwise ailing, the doctor knew of but one thing to do: he fetched his tongs and dragged them out.
  • There were plenty in the stream, and Ida dragged them up, and began to make a ford by piling them together.
  • Beer barrels, wine bottles and spirit-bottles, dozens of pale ale and bitter beer, were soon dragged into light.
  • He dashed away the heap of rubbish on the hearth-stone, and digging the pick into the loose earth round it, dragged it up without much difficulty.
  • In two days and no more We killed of them threescore, And dragged them to the strand!

Short Example Sentence for Dragged

  • You dragged off to prison!
  • You shall not be dragged off into captivity.
  • The rest of the session dragged wearily for him.
  • I have been dragged up under a cloud; made the scape-goat.
  • He gripped it, then let it go and dragged his hand away.
  • Harding dragged his box out from under his bunk and sat down on it.
  • Cloete is dragged into the life-boat and the coxswain tumbles in.
  • She buttoned his coat for him and almost dragged him to the door.
  • While they waited there in silence the hours dragged on like years.
  • He rode up to the bottom of the fissure and dragged aside the heavy creepers.
  • He made a clutch at it, and dragged himself slowly and painfully to his feet.
  • He was dragged out, ordered to dress himself, and taken away.
  • After being beaten into insensibility, he was dragged to Spandau and shot.
  • He dragged out the flat bottle from his pocket, and held it up to Gray.
  • But it dragged itself onward, moaning now and then, until it got near Gray.

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