Draw Out In A Sentence

How To Use Draw Out In A Sentence?

  • I liked to draw out the acquirements which they would not believe that they possessed.
  • Mary had paused and asked the question to draw out the odd character for her friend.
  • It seemed to draw out her entrails, and all her efforts to right herself were in vain.
  • What sort of red-blood toxin does he throw into his gang to draw out a spirit like that?
  • He interrupted himself to draw out his keys, and separating one from the rest held it up to her.
  • If the gospel does not draw out our gratitude and liberality, then it has never touched us.
  • The inferences which Brenton should draw out from them should be no concern of his.
  • And besides, would not my presence in his house draw out the whole pungency of the memorial?
  • She had the ability, so rare in men, to draw out the best that was in her companion.
  • To draw out the dressing stand to hand: the little combs of willow, where are they?
  • We have no sufficient materials from which to draw out a complete character of Cyaxares.
  • It is impossible, therefore, to draw out any general plan, which all can adopt.
  • For he had filled his own mind with shadows, which we Shadows wanted to draw out of him.
  • Hence a cardinal question about a poem is, How much of it does the poet draw out of himself?
  • When accosted never stop, never draw out watch or box of lights, and never know the way anywhere.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Draw Out | Draw Out Sentence

  • I will draw out his money and give it to you.
  • Now we must draw out our rules.
  • This was done to draw out the inflammation.
  • They draw out our better selves.
  • Then he tried to draw out the postboy.
  • Meg saw him draw out a bundle of letters.
  • Three victories and one draw out of four.
  • I was to draw out a document, which he was to sign.
  • Suck the wound to draw out the poison and apply ammonia.
  • How do business men deposit and draw out their money?
  • It will give immediate ease, and draw out the fire.
  • Would Eurybiades never draw out his line of battle?
  • It was easy to draw out Mr. Ford on mechanical problems.
  • What we ourselves possess we are most apt to draw out from others.
  • His was ever the habit to draw out the humblest of his guests.
  • His was ever the habit to draw out the humblest of his guests.
  • The surest way to know when they are done enough is to draw out a leaf.
  • I mean the merriment that they appear able to draw out of the criminal courts.
  • He strove hard to draw out the sword, but all his might could not move it.
  • Emmie is, indeed, one to draw out the affections of those around her.
  • He expressed surprise one day, hoping to draw out his hostess.
  • There was little in the surroundings of Inchbrae to draw out her sympathies.
  • So if you should draw out your absence I shall believe in your reasons.
  • Trials, I reflected, sometimes draw out longer than is looked for.
  • This led me to draw out Sir Henry, who was also present, regarding Disraeli.

Definition of Draw Out

To make something last for more time than is necessary; prolong; extend. | To physically extract, as blood from a vein. | To extract, bring out, as concealed information; elicit; educe.
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