Dress in a sentence

Definition of Dress

(transitive) To fit out with the necessary clothing; to clothe, put clothes on (something or someone). [from 15thc.] | (intransitive) To clothe oneself; to put on clothes. [from 18thc.] | (sports, transitive, intransitive) To put on the uniform and equipment necessary to play the game.

Short Example Sentence for Dress

  • 1. Was her dress just what it ought to have been?
  • 2. So many slaves to dress me?
  • 3. His dress was of an amphibious character.
  • 4. In dress they largely affect black velveteen.
  • 5. These Eskimos dress in warm furs.
  • 6. The Dress of the Courtier and the Citizen, 436, 437, 460.
  • 7. And dress'd like those who dress but for themselves.
  • 8. When they got outside, he bade her go to her lodgings and dress for a journey.
  • 9. He was dragged out, ordered to dress himself, and taken away.
  • 10. Her dress was entirely composed of green silk, trimmed with crimson velvet.

How to use Dress in a Sentence?

  • 1. And when she looked up at him and smiled all the tears on his dress melted away.
  • 2. There was no doubt in the world that the dress that clung to her was the only thing she wore.
  • 3. After supper the young ladies went to their rooms to dress for the evening.
  • 4. In his dress he showed off to advantage the half military and half savage costume.
  • 5. My friend now left me to my own devices to while away the hours till time to dress for dinner.
  • 6. There is no change or adjustment of clothing, for the night dress is the same as the day dress.
  • 7. How is it that girls delight in stable-talk, and imitate men in their dress and manners?
  • 8. And with a dress on her little back that cost that woman a hundred dollars, if it cost a cent.
  • 9. If the dress was beyond criticism, the nose, the complexion, the hand was at fault.
  • 10. That dress is very becoming, I think, it makes her eyes look like frosted violets.
  • 11. After the great variety of Eastern costume the dress of the Neapolitans looked rather tame.
  • 12. When Cloete dines there, the beggar puts on a dress suit; little woman liked it; . . .
  • 13. The Ladies have a good Air, and dress well, and have something more engaging than mere Beauty.
  • 14. Patricia had got into her apple-blossom dress and had smiled at herself with a good deal of real satisfaction.
  • 15. In her dress there was no trace of pomp; but was there any need of gems where such speaking eyes flashed and sparkled?
  • 16. They are perhaps not such fine men as our horse-guards, but their dress is far more picturesque and imposing.
  • 17. Philippa, who had changed her travelling dress for a plain black net gown, was standing in the doorway.
  • 18. Some only go out for a season, as it were, on a hunting expedition, and then resume the dress and habits of common life.
  • 19. He was familiar with every opinion she had inherited and preserved, with every dress she had worn, with every book she had read.
  • 20. The wedding dress of her grandmother, modernized for use, with sundry ornaments, handed down as heirlooms in the family.
  • 21. In her dress of green and silver, with a wreath of leaves in her hair, she reminded him again of a flower, but of a flower of foam.
  • 22. I knew it must be Rosetta's; it being rare for any female of the place to dress in white.
  • 23. With him there had come three strangers, who from their dress and appearance were inhabitants of the great desert to the north of Parrabang.
  • 24. But in the evening, lithe and elegant in his dress clothes and with his pleasant, slightly veiled voice, he always made her conquest afresh.
  • 25. In the room a yellow dress turned grey, and the gold of a bracelet grew darker, and the pink of delicate finger-nails was no longer visible.
  • 26. I was sitting in the corner dressing little Ralph, or, to be strictly accurate, trying to dress him.
  • 27. They proceeded quietly and sorrowfully; and Selina, on entering it, perceived her aunt was in the dress of the night before.
  • 28. I was equipped as a satyr, in a dress of drab frize that fitted to my shape; with a great laughing mask, ornamented with huge ears and short horns.
  • 29. Some strange dreams in the matter of dress had possessed the mind of Mrs. Cockayne, and her daughters also.
  • 30. He was well off, I should suppose, for he used to dress a great deal, and had a horse, and taught all over the town.