Dripped In A Sentence

Definition of Dripped

simple past tense and past participle of drip

How To Use Dripped In A Sentence?

  • It dripped and pattered off the skin-covering on to the boat and on to the rocks.
  • The sweat dripped from his face as he bridled and saddled the half-wild animal.
  • A bucket that still dripped water in his hand showed me where the water had come from.
  • The fog was heavy and wet, and the trees and bushes dripped as if from a shower.
  • They were going by in gangs, brandishing torches which flared and dripped with pitch.
  • The night had turned raw and chill, and the cold water dripped from his clothes as he walked.
  • Knowledge dripped from his finger-ends; he had it ready, like oil to give a clock.
  • The walls were damp and crumbly and, at points near the roof, water dripped steadily.
  • As he stood facing them, foam dripped from his jaws, and great rumblings issued from his throat.
  • My face was smothered in green, damp leaves, and my hair already dripped with falling spray.
  • But Marinell lay cold and still, and the blood dripped and dripped on to the golden sand.
  • The roadside trees still dripped with dew, And hung their blossoms like a show.
  • These trees had been tapped and elderwood spiles were placed in the taps where the water dripped to the wooden troughs below.
  • Here and there the globules coalesced in tiny streams that dripped to the heated deck and almost immediately evaporated.
  • The sap that oozes out of the pith and heart wood was frozen, and dripped not at all until it was brought indoors.
  • Nearly all of the bones mentioned above were soft and decayed, owing to the water which had percolated through the roof and dripped on them.
  • Her tone dripped bitterness, and the lines of her pale lips settled into an expression of scornful resignation.
  • The rain still dripped through the foliage, and by and by the wind rose, the rain increasing with it.
  • The blood dripped from her belly as she made her way down into the thicker cover, leaving a red trail behind her.
  • From the roof of this cell dripped some fine stalactites; and through the circular entrance they had a view of the dell bathed in sunshine.
  • An oozy green paste dripped from his hand; one of the pink wings intermittently concealed his injured expression.
  • His whole body dripped with sweat, as he held away the sword and tried to choke the fat neck of his antagonist.
  • He was moaning and crying bitterly, and, as he staggered along, the water dripped from his clothes in streams.
  • The rain dripped perpendicularly from the eves of the houses, exemplifying the axiom, that lines are composed of a succession of points.
  • The stairway creaked, the shutters rattled, and in the bathroom, water dripped regularly from a faucet.
  • The white or chestnut color of the animals became glossy and the hair dripped a rose-colored liquid, a mixture of water and blood.
  • The sweat, which had rolled down his cheeks and dripped from his nose, now seemed to coagulate in tiny, oily globules.
  • He bowed profoundly, and then, as the water dripped from his black and meager form, he said something rather extraordinary.
  • He sat very still there in the luminous dusk of the white veranda; the dew dripped steadily like rain; the lagoon glittered.
  • He beheld his favorite thrown forward across a table, from which an overturned inkstand dripped its contents, unnoticed, to the floor.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dripped | Dripped Sentence

  • The tears dripped so that she could hardly see the lines.
  • She unwound them and they dripped from her hand in milky whiteness.
  • The drops of milk that dripped from them were more than ropes of pearls.
  • Melancholy dripped from the wet white blossoms along the way.
  • All were converted; dripped with blood the scythe and the ploughshare.
  • A dark red line streaked the table and dripped to the floor.
  • Moisture still dripped from the leaves, and the earth was sodden underfoot.
  • He wore a slicker on wet days, and the rain dripped from his rubber hat.
  • That lair of his echoed with cries, dripped with gore, shuddered with sobs.
  • I remember not his name," and all his chapel walls dripped blood.

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