Ebony in a sentence

Definition of Ebony

Made of ebony wood. | A deep, dark black colour. | Dark-skinned; black; especially in reference to African-Americans.

How to use Ebony in a Sentence?

  • Now he chose to notice the knife on the ebony table as if he had not seen it before.
  • There was a plum-tree in the orchard, all snow and ebony against a sky of sapphire.
  • His alcove bed is supported by ebony columns and closed in with green damask curtains.
  • The banker looked naively into the mirror, with bevelled edges in an ebony frame.
  • At first the visitor is properly shocked, but soon ceases to notice these ebony cherubs.
  • On this table could be seen an ebony box handsomely carved, with a coat of arms on its lid.
  • There are no olives in the Ebony Island, and those imported from here fetch a high price.
  • I am the daughter of the king of the Ebony Isle, of whose fame you surely must have heard.
  • Almost I expected to see the Heart rise up in the ebony and silver box, and the box opening.
  • There were elegant bedsteads of carved ebony surmounted with silken curtains and canopies of the most gorgeous description.
  • I fixed on a sandy knoll that had a hollow in the top of it, and one twisted beach ebony to shade the hollow.
  • The cabinet was made of ebony inlaid with ivory, as was also a broad round table in the centre of the room.
  • But along the crimson alleys the three men walked calmly, the smaller one still gesturing with his ebony cane.
  • There were also seen ebony and large mother-o'-pearl shells; also some moderate-sized looms.
  • He threw himself on the rich couches, sat in the stately carved chairs, leaned his elbows on the ebony tables.
  • I seemed to see the ever-loving lady, followed by her chosen maidens carrying the heart in its ebony and silver box.
  • The expression of bewilderment that came upon the ebony faces by which he was surrounded prepared Marcy for the reply.
  • The ebony faces and polished black backs of the slaves were streaming with perspiration as they toiled over boiler, vat and centrifugal driers.
  • Enter the castle without fear, and you will discover a round room in which stands a round ebony table laden with gold and jewels.
  • By them stood a mule, covered over with silk, and an ebony collar hanging down from his neck, whom they kissed and were feeding.
  • He was dressed in the height of the fashion; he wore patent-leather shoes, and carried a light ebony cane with a silver head.
  • Nearly fronting the fireplace was a recess, in which stood an exquisitely carved black ebony cabinet, inlaid with white and red ivory.
  • Then, half ashamed of her flight, she stooped down suddenly and patted the little, ticking surface of ebony and glass and silver.
  • It was there, safe and sound as it had always been, on its ebony stand, with the shining bubble of its glass case rising dome-like over it.
  • On a little ivory-inlaid ebony table about ten feet away lay a knife, that was almost the exact duplicate of the one inside his shirt.
  • Her graceful, ivory-white arm indicated with a queenly gesture a heavily carved ebony bench, and her guests filed expectantly to this seat.
  • So fast they flew that Bobo, who was holding the ebony casket close against his heart, was in great danger of falling off.
  • Mrs. Lennox sank into a curiously carved old ebony chair, against which her bare arms and shoulders gleamed white.
  • She dusted the tops of a few of the tables and cabinets with her lace handkerchief, so that she could just see how everything was inlaid with ivory and jade and ebony and precious stones.

Short Example Sentence for Ebony

  • The little ebony box with all the gold in it.
  • He opened the cover of the ebony box.
  • The high backs of the ebony chairs were turned to me.
  • Their panels of ebony were decorated with bronze applications in the centre.
  • They used to sit over there in the corner, and have tea on the ebony table.
  • He took up the hatchet again, and in a moment the ebony case was in pieces.
  • A tree of the ebony family, from which fine cabinet-wood is obtained.
  • He picked up the ebony box, and bent his head to look at the guineas.
  • The ebony cabinet, the easel, table, chair, all left as he saw them yesterday.
  • The Texas ebony is a beautiful, acacia-like tree of southern Texas and Mexico.
  • It has to do with the man with the ebony walking-stick, hasn't it?

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