Economical in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Economical

1. Buying by wholesale economical only in special cases. 🔊

2. On the contrary, they stood for his economical instincts. 🔊

3. I know it, my wise and economical friends. 🔊

4. There ensued a discussion as to which was the most economical meat to get. 🔊

5. In Clinton's case it was a virtue, and not an economical one. 🔊

How to use Economical in Sentences?

1. Not much otherwise, the economical power touches the masses through the political lords. 🔊

2. Since her mother's death she has been a wise and economical keeper of her father's house. 🔊

3. A prudent, careful, economical man himself, he encouraged prudence and thrift in others. 🔊

4. I remember distinctly before gas was generally introduced how very economical in its use those who had it were. 🔊

5. The real change lay in the more strictly economical finances and in the general spirit of government. 🔊

6. What should be the diameter of hard drawn copper wire in order to allow economical spacing of poles? 🔊

7. The freedom of metal-block arresters from dust troubles gives them a large economical advantage over carbon. 🔊

8. It was more economical to pay him his price than to employ uncertain aids who would have sold their services much more cheaply. 🔊

9. After all, lady's maids who understand their work are as scarce as good and economical cooks. 🔊

10. It certainly is a convenient and economical garb, that saves a great deal of time and money to the wearer. 🔊

11. As we have shown, gas-engines are a far more economical form of producing power than are steam-engines. 🔊

12. She persuaded him to allot a very moderate sum to housekeeping expenses, and to indulge in the economical luxury of a trustworthy servant. 🔊

13. Another good way is to be very economical in your rhymes, only two to the four lines, and regretfully vague. 🔊

14. Are air cooled and are the most efficient, economical and reliable power plants on the market sold at reasonable prices. 🔊

15. In short, he makes the most economical use of the ground, and the capital represented by the trees he spares is well invested. 🔊

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