Economics in a sentence

Definition of Economics

(social sciences) The study of resource allocation, distribution and consumption; of capital and investment; and of management of the factors of production.

How to use Economics in a Sentence?

  • Agricultural economics and rural sociology should occupy a large place in the curriculum.
  • In social economics it is evident that society is not merely the sum of the units that compose it.
  • Politics, economics and retarded beliefs set the course for the world to crumble.
  • I must turn now to a study of the economics of the household as it actually exists to-day.
  • A grand lesson in the economics of unselfish co-operation, has been demonstrated.
  • In no country did the economics and politics of Socialism occupy so many minds.
  • Mrs. Eddy surmounts economics as easily as she does physics and chemistry and physiology.
  • Thus was the usual mode of business and economics for Pomperaque, and the rest of Phoride.
  • This intrusion of economics into the sexual relationships brought about the revolution in the status of women.
  • The golden rule is increasingly seen to constitute a foundation demanded by economics as well as by ethics.
  • The economic link they form between the physical economics of the individual and the social economics of the nation has been unnoticed.
  • One did not want a problem in economics or a deep philosophical question thrust upon one at a dance.
  • There is an old economics joke about the impossibility of finding a twenty-dollar bill lying on a sidewalk.
  • However, adding geography and economics to history we have a content that must somehow be taught in the schools.
  • Some of their phrases had struck him as being curious and forcible, especially in relation to the economics of worldly policy.
  • I wish we could get out of the way of discussing national economics so much from the shopping point of view.
  • She has got to know the business side of housekeeping and home economics before an indifferent husband can be turned into a good one.
  • First, it teaches us something about the limitations of conventional economics and the counterintuitive business methods that thrive on networks.
  • The intrusion of economics into marriage is of very ancient origin, and may be found among peoples who are almost primitive.
  • Certainly Cardwell and his economics would cut a sorry figure if he were called on for a big effort.
  • The alliance meetings, to which most of us object because of their secret and exclusive nature, are schools of economics and parliamentary tactics.
  • Any observer of industrial economics might have discovered it to move up or down in unison with the current amount visible of the circulating medium.
  • Under the theories of economics it is a great gain thus to substitute rudimentary instruction for all in the place of real education and culture for a class.
  • Where power is valuable and the distance over which it is to be transmitted is great, such high voltages are justified by the economics of the power problem.
  • This argument has hardly gone unanswered with articles pointing out that it neglects both the social values of fair use and the actual economics of its operation.
  • Rather, far rather, the Rockefeller, that shrewd manipulator of businesses ... with all his parsimony in personal economics ...

Short Example Sentence for Economics

  • The economics of marketing.
  • The economics of discrimination.
  • Home economics in education.
  • The social economics of agriculture.
  • Statistical methods applied to economics and business.
  • You will find plenty of economics in the following song.
  • Forest Economics is a large subject.
  • Nobody told Watt what to do when economics were concerned.
  • No first section I ever got in economics gave me such joy.
  • How does continuous cotton culture affect the economics of the farm?
  • The experience of other papers is useless; their economics do not apply.
  • Our economics are false and mischievous, our aims are petty and low.
  • He wished he'd had time to take some economics at the University.
  • In New York there is a Home Economics Bureau and in Boston a Dietetic Bureau.

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