Edicts in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Edicts

1. His edicts and speeches are copied out and read. 🔊

2. The ancient edicts are to be brought forth again. 🔊

3. One does not thus slight the edicts of the mighty with impunity. 🔊

4. Some of the edicts of the period seem strange enough to modern ears. 🔊

5. I hear Bibulus's edicts have been sent to you. 🔊

6. First came edicts forbidding any one to attend non-Catholic preaching. 🔊

7. Not even Congress dared to oppose the edicts of John Quincy Adams. 🔊

How to use Edicts in Sentences?

1. The edicts against them were by no means revoked; their execution was merely suspended. 🔊

2. He obliged them to register the two edicts for the impot-territorial and stamp tax. 🔊

3. Numerous edicts prohibited hoeing and weeding, lest young partridges should be destroyed. 🔊

4. One of the earliest edicts of the King prescribed the dress that must be worn by his people. 🔊

5. Royal edicts forbid even the private assemblies of the Huguenots, on pain of death. 🔊

6. The edicts of February 12, 1912, are among the most curious state papers of modern times. 🔊

7. The proclamations, edicts and laws published against the Huguenots were known to all Frenchmen. 🔊

8. The magistrates persecuted them, and edicts were frequently obtained against them from the emperors. 🔊

9. Before the registration of edicts concerning taxation they demanded a statement of the financial situation and the right of examining the accounts. 🔊

10. More repressive edicts were issued, with the usual result, that secret societies multiplied everywhere. 🔊

11. It is thus, and for the same end, that they endeavor to destroy that tribunal of conscience which exists independently of edicts and decrees. 🔊