Edifice in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Edifice

1. It was the thought of what the edifice might contain. 🔊

2. The edifice must have made quite a magnificent appearance. 🔊

3. The interior of the edifice has a most splendid appearance as you enter it. 🔊

4. There is a certain highly symmetrical edifice standing in Gyantse monastery. 🔊

5. This novel edifice was finished and consecrated in February, 1844. 🔊

6. The head of St Cornely is said to be preserved within the edifice as a relic. 🔊

How to use Edifice in Sentences?

1. He would permit no edifice to be erected within a certain distance of his mansion. 🔊

2. These twin forces are requisite for the erection of the vast edifice of personal glory. 🔊

3. If the fundation be not sure, the maer gorgiouse the edifice the grosser the falt. 🔊

4. There are the three R's at the bottom of the social edifice and the two F's on the top. 🔊

5. But the Anglican was more scrupulous in his use of the sacred edifice than the Roman Catholic. 🔊

6. The shrines are of equal size, so that the general effect of the whole edifice is that of a pyramid. 🔊

7. Its material edifice is very substantial and large and has a sufficient number of apartments and class-rooms of goodly capacity. 🔊

8. And therefore the edifice which is constructed out of them has merely an imaginary symmetry, and is really irregular and out of proportion. 🔊

9. There is no reason to believe that the edifice was in any degree remarkable, in point either of extent or of architectural merit. 🔊

10. Both the boats on which the edifice rests are well coppered, and protected from injury by booms placed around them. 🔊

11. I had never thought to that moment of the immense mess they would be in; how the whole edifice would clatter about their ears. 🔊

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