Educate in a sentence

Definition of Educate

to instruct or train

How to use Educate in a Sentence?

  • From the outside they are working to educate the legislatures and the judiciary.
  • The schools were never established in sufficient numbers to educate the people.
  • Lower orders of animals can educate themselves, that is, develop in themselves their one power.
  • The fifth object is to board, clothe, and scientifically educate destitute orphans.
  • To educate the radical faculties is altogether a new idea with Teachers at present.
  • Suppose the South should manumit their slaves, will the North receive and educate them?
  • And you," turning to the painter, "shall see foreign lands, and educate your tastes by travel.
  • Still more the whole register of psychology has to be used, when we are to educate the idiot and the imbecile.
  • You send your child to the schoolmaster, but 'tis the schoolboys who educate him.
  • In the recreational experiences under control of the school we have the opportunity to educate the deepest and most powerful of motives.
  • It is far better to give work which is above the men, than to educate the men to be above their work.
  • It was not meant that the soul should cultivate the earth, but that the earth should educate and maintain the soul.
  • He would educate them in exactly the same way, but this involves the imposition upon them of the same burdens.
  • Everything betokened an alert monarch trying to educate his people in all that goes to make civilization and refinement.
  • We must now educate the universal moral faculties, as before we have only educated the personal moral faculties.
  • Devoted to literature himself, it is not surprising that the parent spared neither money nor labor to educate his child.
  • It pays to educate young people who are christians, that they may become leaders in thought and action.
  • The school perhaps must do even more than educate the forces; it must help even to create the vision itself by which the future is to be directed.
  • The proper education of a man decides the welfare of an individual; but educate a woman, and the interests of a whole family are secured.
  • Before long Fritz grew tired of trying to educate her, and confined himself merely to the most necessary admonitions.
  • She believed that the aim of instruction for young girls should be to educate them to be Christian women with well-balanced and logical minds.
  • Like every man who catches a vision of a great need and undertakes to meet it, Moses had to educate public opinion.
  • Boys and girls, so far as any attempt is made to educate them, are taught separately, and really under the eye of the Church.
  • We alone have attempted to educate them in our own literature and science and to make them by education the intellectual partners of the civilization that subdued them.
  • The new School Act was to enable a poor man to educate his children and still maintain his self-respect.
  • If you take your share of the five hundred, what is going to educate your brother Reggie and your sister Aline?
  • There is no doubt that a man must educate himself to perceive that which is beyond matter, just as he must educate himself to perceive that which is in matter.
  • After losing her husband, whom she had converted to her religious views, she went, in 1680, to Paris to educate her children.
  • You have the example of your own father who has come to the end of his prospects on an income that would have been hopelessly inadequate had there been boys to educate and start in life!
  • I weigh two hundred pounds, eat well, sleep like a doorknob, make about three thousand dollars a year, and educate my children.
  • We must play off the special interests against one another, says Hobson, work for industrial democracy, educate the people.
  • And the problem is to educate the children of these, as well as our own children, in the principles of that government of which they are an essential and vital part.

Short Example Sentence for Educate

  • How do we educate the boy?
  • Plato could train and educate a {169} philosopher-king.
  • When his own Father abandons him, I educate him?
  • Should there be schools to educate nurses, as well as physicians and surgeons?
  • I always told Delevan it was a mistake to educate the masses.
  • To be oblig'd to educate the child, Ignorant of the father's quality.
  • To educate a Catholic priest in a Protestant seminary would be much worse.
  • Whoso cannot educate a dog, Mr. Captain, neither can he educate a child.

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