Educate in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Educate

1. How do we educate the boy? 🔊

2. When his own Father abandons him, I educate him? 🔊

3. Should there be schools to educate nurses, as well as physicians and surgeons? 🔊

4. I always told Delevan it was a mistake to educate the masses. 🔊

5. To educate a Catholic priest in a Protestant seminary would be much worse. 🔊

How to use Educate in Sentences?

1. From the outside they are working to educate the legislatures and the judiciary. 🔊

2. The schools were never established in sufficient numbers to educate the people. 🔊

3. Lower orders of animals can educate themselves, that is, develop in themselves their one power. 🔊

4. The fifth object is to board, clothe, and scientifically educate destitute orphans. 🔊

5. To educate the radical faculties is altogether a new idea with Teachers at present. 🔊

6. And you," turning to the painter, "shall see foreign lands, and educate your tastes by travel. 🔊

7. In the recreational experiences under control of the school we have the opportunity to educate the deepest and most powerful of motives. 🔊

8. He would educate them in exactly the same way, but this involves the imposition upon them of the same burdens. 🔊

9. It is far better to give work which is above the men, than to educate the men to be above their work. 🔊

10. It was not meant that the soul should cultivate the earth, but that the earth should educate and maintain the soul. 🔊

11. We must now educate the universal moral faculties, as before we have only educated the personal moral faculties. 🔊

12. It pays to educate young people who are christians, that they may become leaders in thought and action. 🔊