Effectively in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Effectively

1. Even these were not effectively placed. 🔊

2. The throne was not effectively vacant for an hour. 🔊

3. Rome really, and effectively ruled. 🔊

4. The wooden partitions may not have been effectively cleansed. 🔊

5. He has cemented it far more effectively than centuries of legislation. 🔊

6. The world should now be big enough to grasp and effectively deal with it. 🔊

7. It was impossible effectively to close this area by means of submarines. 🔊

8. Can be effectively used by laymen as well as professional leaders. 🔊

9. This would effectively push the crocs from the deep water onto the land. 🔊

How to use Effectively in Sentences?

1. Legislation has met and dealt effectively with far more complicated and minute matters than that. 🔊

2. To deal effectively with them all would demand several lifetimes of preliminary special training. 🔊

3. This wall is of the finest alabaster, and is effectively decorated with painted ornaments. 🔊

4. The vexatious character of the rule in 'Prussian' Poland is effectively exposed. 🔊

5. It is one of the few literary undertakings in which a number of persons can really and effectively work together. 🔊

6. These ships were so effectively disguised that even the most experienced eyes could not discover their real character. 🔊

7. As public officials whose duty it is to protect society, we are under obligation to deal firmly and effectively with the criminal. 🔊

8. For, if the brain is occupied with disagreeable sensations, it cannot concentrate its power as effectively in the various employments of man. 🔊