Egyptian in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Egyptian

1. Was he envious of the success of the Egyptian magicians? 🔊

2. We do not wonder at the severity of Egyptian drawing. 🔊

3. Hence Egyptian ornament is said to be symbolic. 🔊

4. When you feel an Egyptian devotion to ices. 🔊

5. Thackeray on the Egyptian donkey, 285. 🔊

6. An Egyptian Princess. 🔊

7. Papyrus in Egyptian Architecture, 8. 🔊

8. Lotus in Egyptian Design, 5, 6. 🔊

9. Water-vessels, Egyptian and Greek, 121-124. 🔊

10. Isis was the Egyptian goddess of the arts and of agriculture. 🔊

11. The papyrus was the plant from which Egyptian paper was made. 🔊

12. R. da Costa Porta, who died in the Egyptian expedition of 1882. 🔊

How to use Egyptian in Sentences?

1. This rigidity or severity of drawing is a great peculiarity or characteristic of Egyptian drawing. 🔊

2. To some extent the Egyptian religious facts were purely totemistic in the strict sense. 🔊

3. Just inside the gate is a space occupied by an Egyptian obelisk surrounded by four Egyptian lions. 🔊

4. It represented the tempting of some young prince by Cleopatra, the beautiful Egyptian queen. 🔊

5. The Egyptian Hippolytus is warned of his danger by his cow, which speaks with human voice. 🔊

6. The quality of the thought differences the Egyptian and the Roman, the Austrian and the American. 🔊

7. The Egyptian rulers were called Ptolemies, and those of Syria were called the Selucidae. 🔊

8. It is impossible here to do more than indicate the kind of modification which Egyptian religion underwent. 🔊

9. Here is one of the points in which a great alteration developed itself in the midst of Egyptian religion. 🔊

10. These points in Egyptian religion have been the great puzzle both of antiquity and of modern mythology. 🔊

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