Elaborated in a sentence

Definition of Elaborated

(rhetoric) expanded | simple past tense and past participle of elaborate

How to use Elaborated in a Sentence?

  • No detailed tactics for groups of vessels had yet been elaborated for hunting by sound.
  • Of course, such a body would not have elaborated the details of peace in a plenary debate.
  • These discoveries of the ancient folks have been "merely elaborated in later days".
  • They are written in medieval Latin and are not elaborated on a scientific basis.
  • Von Salzinger was taken aback at the concise refutation of his carefully elaborated suspicions.
  • Still further elaborated they became in 1854 the "Rhapsodies Hongroises" as we know them.
  • This was the subject nearest his heart and one upon which he elaborated with minuteness and eloquence.
  • The penalties for murdering a free woman were also elaborated on the basis of her value to the state as a bearer of children.
  • Leatherstocking even is but a faint outline of himself, as the author afterwards with loving care elaborated the character.
  • It, in fact, presents the very characteristics of a system elaborated in a philosophical school.
  • Since the full and itemized details of these transactions have been elaborated upon in previous chapters, it is hardly necessary to repeat them.
  • But such ideas are not to the taste of the ruling classes, and they have elaborated a whole system of pseudo-science to teach the contrary.
  • Propolis: a glue or resin-like product elaborated by bees to serve as a cement in cases where wax is not sufficiently tenacious.
  • I hope now it will appear again, with additions, as all the drafts of his lectures are in existence, most carefully elaborated by himself.
  • A committee of lawyers has elaborated an important scheme for the reform of our criminal procedure, long known to be seriously defective.
  • When we really face them the paradox of the presentation of the character of space which I have elaborated is greatly mitigated.
  • Jerry listened incredulously, but as the girl explained and elaborated certain details of her plan, his doubts began to clear away.
  • She carefully elaborated several short and spicy stories, of strong moral and patriotic tone, emphasizing the nobility of love of country.
  • It can be conceived neither as part of a Novel nor as elaborated and expanded so as to form a Novel.
  • In the Georgian houses, this was boxed and later elaborated with splendid carvings that deserve perpetuation in more lasting material than wood.
  • The ego has to a certain extent elaborated the Spirit-Self, the Life-Spirit, and the Spirit-Man.
  • The greatest works in literature have been elaborated and elaborated, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, often rewritten a dozen times.
  • But the tale, as elaborated and filled in by Gordon's cross-examination, is best summed.
  • Some of his predecessors had elaborated only the former part of the story, and that, it is probable, not nearly so fully as Josephus.
  • He saw that Squibs sought to interest him, and he gave a close attention while the tutor elaborated his slight knowledge of the growing unrest.
  • The world never saw a more complete system of dogmatic theology than that elaborated by Thomas Aquinas.
  • Smithfield was reached on the 30th, and some cycles found there formed the nucleus of a cyclist section, subsequently elaborated under Lieut.
  • From this basis some later hand, unknown, translated into Greek, and elaborated it into substantially our present version.
  • Of this point, as elaborated in the proposal to establish Professorships of Bibliography, we shall have something more to say further on.
  • They were now in the field of original experiment and soon found that they had to reject as useless many theories that had been carefully elaborated by scholarly writers.
  • It was what is called a "raw morning," for what reason I know not, for such days are really elaborated with the most exquisite finish.
  • But he elaborated it into words: "I am to rush a forced sale of cattle," he said, lifting his shoulders.
  • He elaborated the recitative or declamatory element in opera with great care, and insisted that his singers should make this the object of their most careful efforts.
  • For the man who has little to say the manner of saying it gains consequence, and in a manner which has been elaborated into an intricate craft the greatest emotions cannot be expressed.

Short Example Sentence for Elaborated

  • I do not remember that he elaborated any of them.
  • So far we have elaborated a theory.
  • He elaborated numerous plans for their escape.
  • She elaborated rules so that she should never be caught.
  • Openwork in relief, when elaborated and minute in all its parts.
  • However, being further pressed, he elaborated his very simple programme.

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