Elated in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Elated

1. The girl herself was not elated by her triumph. 🔊

2. Is it right to be elated in what is good? 🔊

3. To say I was elated does not describe it. 🔊

4. Be not elated in mind at any superiority that is not of yourself. 🔊

5. And is it right to be elated then in the presence of a pleasure? 🔊

6. Johnny was highly elated with the idea of capturing the schooner. 🔊

7. Yet for all the mad hazard of the situation he was elated with life. 🔊

8. We went home that night very elated at the success of our venture. 🔊

9. The half-breed was highly elated when he started off with his booty. 🔊

10. Although they were elated by their success so far, neither was overconfident. 🔊

11. General Burgoyne had much reason to be elated with his success thus far. 🔊

12. Never since the war began had Dick felt so elated as he did that morning. 🔊

13. He felt almost elated on her behalf as he returned to Collingwood Terrace. 🔊

14. This reinforcement, so much sooner than expected, greatly elated Major Powell. 🔊

How to use Elated in Sentences?

1. So she followed them down stairs in a very elated and "partified" state of mind. 🔊

2. Not elated by good or depressed by bad fortune, but capable of excesses when roused. 🔊

3. The Lieutenant rode off highly elated over the fact that Colonel Guitar agreed with his views. 🔊

4. Miss Dupont was elated at the invitation and Dr. Hoyt said he had nothing else to do anyway. 🔊

5. Branwell seems to have been considerably elated by their success, and the festivities of the season were indulged in by him to his injury. 🔊

6. To say that he was elated at the prospect was far below the truth; his delight amounted almost to delirium. 🔊

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