Eldest in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Eldest

1. Of these my eldest son was one that fell in the action. 🔊

2. I addressed the eldest in Italian. 🔊

3. Tamas, the eldest brother, now alone survived. 🔊

4. The eldest Scriptures express it. 🔊

5. The two eldest were called Marigold and Dressalinda. 🔊

6. My eldest brother, John, was drowned at St. Malo. 🔊

7. Ah, how strange and unexpected was the death of the eldest son! 🔊

8. I saw the eldest cry too; but she said it was not for hunger. 🔊

9. I think I shall be able to do something for that eldest boy. 🔊

10. The poet's eldest son was named Charles. 🔊

11. She had, however, nothing to fear on this score, as regarded her eldest son. 🔊

12. Latin is genteel, and I have sent my eldest boy to an academy to learn it. 🔊

13. The Norwegian pirate got what he could, and held it for his eldest son. 🔊

How to use Eldest in Sentences?

1. The eldest made up her mind to wait for a good opportunity and then pluck a feather for herself. 🔊

2. When the widow was alone with Owen she began to pour forth the praises of her eldest boy. 🔊

3. The old lord was said to be dreadfully cut up; more so, even, than on the death of his eldest son. 🔊

4. His eldest son, Isaac, was a reprobate over whom the father exercised little influence. 🔊

5. I was in love with the eldest myself, but I was only a boy at Eton and she was twenty-four. 🔊

6. The eldest son learnt from him love for Poland and fought in the Polish Rising of 1830. 🔊

7. On her right hand sat her eldest son, Thomas Bardy, a man of between fifty and sixty. 🔊

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