Electricity in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Electricity

1. What actions can electricity produce? 🔊

2. There is running water and electricity in the camp. 🔊

3. Lighting by electricity is accomplished in several ways. 🔊

4. I would make electricity my watch-dog. 🔊

5. So with electricity under the pressure of one volt or one hundred volts. 🔊

6. Thus heat is a mode of motion; electricity is another; magnetism is a third. 🔊

How to use Electricity in Sentences?

1. Natural electricity which does such damage usually displays itself as lightning. 🔊

2. Are the laws of electricity applicable to an understanding of nervous phenomena? 🔊

3. On passing a current of electricity through such waters the bromine is first liberated. 🔊

4. A rudimentary knowledge of electricity would have made such a mistake impossible. 🔊

5. To drive 1/5th ampere of electricity through the human body would be fatal in many instances. 🔊

6. It requires 3.5 to 4 watts of electricity to produce one candlepower in a carbon lamp. 🔊

7. But a discharge of electricity can take place through the air or other insulating medium if its pressure be high enough. 🔊

8. Once the wiring is passed, the advantage is all in favor of the farmer with electricity over the farmer with kerosene. 🔊

9. These are the days of electricity and steel, and a fitting part of the intense age in which they exist. 🔊

10. The laws of heat, light and electricity have been either revised or discovered wholly out of the unknown. 🔊

11. The political atmosphere was so charged with electricity that she felt a crisis was imminent, and only the extent of the storm was conjectural. 🔊

12. We must bear in mind that electricity is never a source of power, but is only the agent that carries power to the user. 🔊

13. There are also extensive rock-cut tombs of the ancient kings and queens, which are lighted by electricity in the tourist season. 🔊

14. The latest method is to employ electricity manufactured by water-power, but most of the iron smelting in this country has been done by coal. 🔊