Embroider in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Embroider

1. Did you embroider it for her? 🔊

2. I embroider and read. 🔊

3. All she could do now was to embroider and make lace. 🔊

4. I could embroider the work well with my needle. 🔊

5. Know how to knit, embroider or crochet. 🔊

6. Before you embroider your sleeves, wash your hands! 🔊

7. The mothers begin to embroider them when their daughters are ten. 🔊

8. However earnest these deprecations he could embroider them with a rare grace. 🔊

9. Ah! to embroider his scarf for the tournament! to procure him weapons! 🔊

How to use Embroider in Sentences?

1. They learned to sew, to weave, and to embroider the garments of the idols and the priests. 🔊

2. And then Mrs. Dennistoun felt herself compelled to embroider a little upon her theme. 🔊

3. It was his manner thus to embroider commonplace; to enhance the actual by large additions of the ideal. 🔊

4. You embroider so beautifully, and the drawn work you do is done as expertly as that of the Mexican women. 🔊

5. The women spin for their household needs, and knit and embroider what may be called fancy goods in expectation of the tourist season. 🔊

6. And she, as soon as she discovered that her experiences amounted to an adventure, began to embroider them, and now she does not even know herself. 🔊

7. Just now poppy and aster, gladiolus and thistle, embroider it with patterns infinite and intricate beyond the power of art. 🔊

8. Would it not be nice to make something pretty for use in the home or in the Sunday-school, and embroider the Arabic words on it? 🔊

9. And we might as well as to describe that enchantin' panorama and take up all the different threads of glory that lay before us and embroider 'em on language. 🔊