Eminent in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Eminent

1. Beldi is the most eminent of them all. 🔊

2. Many eminent men and women are buried here. 🔊

3. The two eminent financiers grasped hands. 🔊

4. An eminent Cynic (also mentioned by Seneca and Tacitus). 🔊

5. No truly eminent man was ever other than an industrious man. 🔊

6. Some eminent men try to mask their greatness when engaged in conversation. 🔊

7. As we have said, she possessed decision of character in an eminent degree. 🔊

8. A trembling young reporter stood in the presence of an eminent city editor. 🔊

9. I can see the rascal eminent in his pulpit, plodding through his task. 🔊

10. How many eminent spirits, after having made the assertion, repose in peace. 🔊

11. Ireland has given many eminent churchmen to the United States. 🔊

12. The Judge and the Eminent Person hitched along to make room between them. 🔊

13. At the house of Mr. Carlyle, I met persons eminent in society and in letters. 🔊

14. Douglass has this in an eminent degree; 🔊

How to use Eminent in Sentences?

1. In its signification in arms it may properly be applied to those who are eminent in the field. 🔊

2. Some eminent doctors, however, have contended for the lawfulness of these practices. 🔊

3. I claim precedence of divination, auto-suggestion, and right of eminent domain. 🔊

4. Both eminent for talent of an order (though differing somewhat in cast) far above the common level of great men. 🔊

5. He did not know that the modern collector was purchasing for fabulous sums the old sermons of eminent divines. 🔊

6. It would be beyond the scope of an article of this character to attempt to recall the names of the eminent preachers of the century. 🔊