Eminently in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Eminently

1. Faithfulness was eminently his character. 🔊

2. This was eminently natural. 🔊

3. But the manoeuvre was eminently successful. 🔊

4. Delta was eminently a national writer. 🔊

5. Then she noted that he was eminently at ease. 🔊

6. The latter was eminently elegant. 🔊

7. He was very eminently endowed with a spirit of government. 🔊

8. The explanation was an eminently rational one. 🔊

9. He was eminently the right man in the right place. 🔊

10. She's so eminently fitted for it. 🔊

11. Then followed certain incidents eminently pleasing to the boys. 🔊

12. He was eminently a scientist, and this was his free gift to the world. 🔊

13. Indeed, I had never before seen such an eminently ugly face as his. 🔊

How to use Eminently in Sentences?

1. The war is so eminently first and everything else nowhere that this is inevitable. 🔊

2. The nineteenth century has been eminently a Bible-reading and a Bible-studying period. 🔊

3. Here I sit, sound and safe, and eminently sane, and that after a fall of five hundred feet. 🔊

4. It savoured more of the last century than of the quiet and eminently respectable age in which we live. 🔊

5. There is nothing plaintive or especially musical in his performance, but the sentiment expressed is eminently that of cheerfulness. 🔊

6. Her face was pale and worn but eminently beautiful, with the light of heaven on her thoughtful brow. 🔊

7. Oddly enough her answers seemed eminently sufficient and satisfactory, and he closed his eyes and slept contentedly. 🔊

8. Even the fine artists are hampered by it; and the lesser ones are enabled to make themselves and whole music-dramas eminently ridiculous. 🔊

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