Emphasis in a sentence

Definition of Emphasis

Special weight or forcefulness given to something considered important. | Special attention or prominence given to something. | Prominence given to a syllable or words, by raising the voice or printing in italic or underlined type.

Short Example Sentence for Emphasis

  • 1. His emphasis was withering.
  • 2. There was just the slightest emphasis on the pronoun.
  • 3. His emphasis took the form of simple common sense.
  • 4. Mrs. Milvain said, laying a slight emphasis upon Cyril.
  • 5. This reversal of emphasis is confusing to the immigrant parents.
  • 6. In most criminal legislation the chief emphasis is placed on punishment.
  • 7. Where emphasis is necessary, use words strong in themselves.
  • 8. The emphasis on child-welfare has a social rather than a sentimental basis.
  • 9. In putting a slight emphasis on the concluding words he watched her closely.
  • 10. There is undoubtedly a new emphasis upon country life generally.
  • 11. He could say no more, overcome by the cordial emphasis of her decision.
  • 12. The man's emphasis left no sort of doubt as to his feelings.
  • 13. He leaned forward for the sake of emphasis and laid a finger on King's hand.

How to use Emphasis in a Sentence?

  • 1. Opinions advanced with too much emphasis may easily fail to impress other minds.
  • 2. It seemed to Cissy that the whole restaurant rang with the emphasis of the words.
  • 3. Thus far in the history of our schools too much emphasis has been laid upon military history, etc.
  • 4. A connected life of Christ with due emphasis on its spiritual significance.
  • 5. Somebody said recently that the emphasis in England is in being, and in our country in becoming.
  • 6. It prepared the world for American mediation by strong emphasis of the League of Nations idea.
  • 7. What points of emphasis does this study suggest in the matter of the education of public opinion?
  • 8. I am still of the opinion that the chief emphasis should be laid on what are here called the guarantees for the future.
  • 9. To imagine that substantial progress can result from the emphasis of any one agency to the exclusion of any other is a mistake.
  • 10. Yet this new emphasis on the motor side of the psychical process seems to influence modern psychology more and more.
  • 11. She spoke with such emphasis that it was quite obvious that she expressed unpopular views, and that her children disagreed with her.
  • 12. First emphasis must be laid upon the point that it was not mechanical change alone which constituted the industrial revolution.
  • 13. I commit my sultana to you,' said he, with an odd kind of emphasis to his aunt.
  • 14. Of course, it would be but a half-truth to assert that the order places all its emphasis on the sober problems of education.
  • 15. So the penalty announced with so much emphasis turns out to be a dead letter, as the children knew it would from the beginning.
  • 16. If there is anything essential for inner life, it is the attention which gives emphasis to certain states and neglects others.
  • 17. It was rather worn, even in the kindly firelight, and gave an emphasis to the shabbiness of the whole figure.
  • 18. But if emphasis be necessary, let it be by the intellectual means of pausing or inflection, rather than with the shoulders or the clenched fist.
  • 19. He prescribed neither asceticism nor laxity, but laid especial emphasis on work, ordering that each monastery have a library.
  • 20. What needs present emphasis is the fact that there is a definite, real, social end to be held in view as the goal of rural endeavor.
  • 21. The President denounces imperialism, and with emphasis he declares that we are all republicans in America.
  • 22. He explained and excused all the transactions at Aberdeen and with emphasis and adroitness he laid the responsibility upon the Republicans.
  • 23. There is a department devoted to diet, food values, and recipes, and one devoted to hygiene, with special emphasis on child care.
  • 24. There is no lack of evidence that we have entered into a period in which an especial emphasis will be laid on the too long neglected psychical factor.
  • 25. If men liked that sort of thing, and they apparently did, Corinna reflected, then they could scarcely complain of an emphasis on perfection.
  • 26. He paused with meaning emphasis and turned his horse to go, but Henry Lee had been watching him from a distance and now he came spurring in.
  • 27. Pondering on, and impressed by, the slight emphasis put on the word English, the onion-seller hung his head, muttering to himself.