Emphasized in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Emphasized

1. She especially emphasized you. 🔊

2. Allison emphasized his comprehension. 🔊

3. It emphasized the pettiness of her victory. 🔊

4. Bobrowa, is emphasized by his latest biographer. 🔊

5. The roll of her r's emphasized Mary's mistake. 🔊

6. A wireless message that came through emphasized the imminence of the danger. 🔊

7. The mauve of her dress and hat emphasized the gold of hair and skin. 🔊

8. This is a point which Lord Minto might indeed have emphasized with advantage. 🔊

How to use Emphasized in Sentences?

1. This doctrine was emphasized at a time when the world was just beginning to insist upon it. 🔊

2. Piegan, out of the fullness of his heart, emphasized his command with the toe of his boot. 🔊

3. And when Louise Cope came, she proved to be a rather highly emphasized counterpart of her brother. 🔊

4. You have emphasized the change in the direction of the grain at the crown between the root and trunk and in the crotches. 🔊

5. Women interviewed have repeatedly emphasized the difficulties that this practice creates in connection with the housekeeping. 🔊

6. She had been to her doctor, and again he had emphasized the need of a change of climate and of nourishing food. 🔊

7. I am wondering if that has been done recently and could not be emphasized in some way to the advantage of larger membership. 🔊

8. Her very unconsciousness of self intensified and emphasized it for the man whose steady gaze rarely left her warm face. 🔊

9. The light from the newel-post behind her emphasized the darkness, so that she could distinguish only the dim outline of the buggy. 🔊