Emphatic in a sentence

Definition of Emphatic

Characterized by emphasis; forceful. | Stated with conviction. | (grammar) Belonging to a set of English tense forms comprising the auxiliary verb do + an infinitive without to.

Short Example Sentence for Emphatic

  • 1. Some were most emphatic in their statements.
  • 2. There was an emphatic sound from above.
  • 3. Then he spoke with emphatic sternness.
  • 4. He was emphatic on the indestructibility of matter.
  • 5. Jim nodded an emphatic assent.
  • 6. Place the emphatic words of a sentence at the end.
  • 7. The emphatic words were never spoken.
  • 8. The old men are very emphatic in this belief.
  • 9. I exclaimed, with an emphatic squeeze.
  • 10. Susannus was, naturally enough, most emphatic about this.
  • 11. The hill men had given a terse, emphatic warning.
  • 12. And just to miss felicity Is but emphatic misery.
  • 13. Captain Eri, his mouth full, grunted an emphatic assent.
  • 14. And Madam Courot shook her head in emphatic disapproval.
  • 15. Mills was also emphatic in his reply but with a serious face.
  • 16. That veteran adventurer of the islands was emphatic in his agreement.
  • 17. He gave them a talking-to that was more emphatic than choice in its language.
  • 18. Necker is very virtuous and instructed, but emphatic and stiff.
  • 19. One marvels why these emphatic builders trust again their glittering towers.
  • 20. But was not Sidney's denial as emphatic as it could be?
  • 21. Before he withdrew Jubei gave emphatic orders as to ward and entertainment.
  • 22. Frank Blaisdell, across the table, gave a sudden emphatic sniff.
  • 23. Place the emphatic words of a sentence at the end 31 IV.
  • 24. The strain was emphatic and quite loud, like the canary's, but very brief.

How to use Emphatic in a Sentence?

  • 1. It has been in the most emphatic sense, a struggle of the one against the many.
  • 2. We had received emphatic warnings from headquarters not to allow soldiers to be billeted alone.
  • 3. Steingall swept aside this intermission with the emphatic hand of a cross-examining lawyer.
  • 4. A request to be permitted to ascend the hill and visit the fort was met by an emphatic refusal.
  • 5. Altiora had been very emphatic and uncharitable upon the futility of the Socialist movement.
  • 6. Again, "noblesse oblige" has its widest and most emphatic application in diplomacy.
  • 7. He had done some emphatic sputtering because he had neglected to take the one on Thursday.
  • 8. But every offer, every suggestion of a compromise, was met with a stern and emphatic negative.
  • 9. It corresponds with the emphatic declaration of the Gospel according to Saint John, chap.
  • 10. At first it was her uncle who did the greater part of the talking, his utterances at once emphatic and yet guarded.
  • 11. The girl was quite emphatic in her direction as to the course, and equally opposed to the more cautious method he favored.
  • 12. To use the emphatic vernacular of the frontier, that parting order "just filled the bill.
  • 13. He continued to pace up and down the length of the room, puffing shortly upon his cigar and emitting emphatic grunts of satisfaction.
  • 14. After a great deal of whipping of the spirited horses, and some curiously emphatic observations by the driver, we got under way.
  • 15. The ancient fathers, aroused by the indecent dances of those days, gave emphatic evidence against any participation in the dance.
  • 16. On the strength of this basis of experience I am prepared to make the following positive and emphatic statements.