Endangered in a sentence

Definition of Endangered

in danger, at risk, said of something where there is a strong possibility something bad will happen to it (for example, a species in danger of going extinct) | simple past tense and past participle of endanger

How to use Endangered in a Sentence?

  • The foetus is especially endangered when the passages are attended with much bearing-down pain.
  • No serious wound endangered his life: he had only lost his breath for a moment.
  • Many of the latter had refused heavy bribes; as many had endangered their political lives.
  • The slightest progress of the Belgian army might have endangered their line of communications.
  • Caraccioli asked leave to go back to Naples to look after his endangered property.
  • The fear led to a hate that threatened the lives of millions and endangered the Galactic peace.
  • Even then the plot was endangered when, turning at the sound of hoof-beats, Lee saw him coming.
  • Even before the war there were such cases after railroad collisions and other frightful occurrences which endangered life.
  • Are their liberties ever so little endangered as when this spirit is allayed and all its foreign excitements removed?
  • It was this latest manoeuvre that aggravated the natural topheaviness of the chair, and endangered its balance.
  • Troops were kept constantly clearing the roofs of buildings of the accumulation of sand and ashes which endangered the structures.
  • Suiting the action to the word he began kicking at the door in a way that endangered the panels, thick as they were.
  • All the wires in the cable are endangered if the cross be with a wire of the primary circuit of a high-tension transmission line.
  • They have so consumed the supplies, and so endangered the royal treasury, that other very necessary things cannot be attended to.
  • These winds would have greatly endangered our ships upon their entrance to and departure from that coast, which is very bold.
  • Her peace of mind is important to me, very important, and her tranquillity must not be endangered by these wild visits.
  • As long as the wind continued moderate, so long would he toss over the little waves without being endangered in any way.
  • The endangered intention is neither completely suppressed nor does it, without regard to individual cases, come through wholly intact.
  • And the fashionable pet of the ladies, the pug, might by a wayward movement produce a crash which endangered the peace of the house.
  • However, we will give a charitable interpretation to the act; the boat was already overcrowded; one more might have endangered all.
  • Crossing the stormy straights in small canoes, camping out at night in the wildest woods, our lives were endangered many times.
  • Above all, nothing was said about the right of Americans to sail the seas without their lives being endangered by warships.
  • And he was much struck with the fact that what he could do peacefully in Egypt, in a portion of his own country would have endangered his life.
  • She endangered her neighbours because there was no guarantee that she might not fall under the tutelage of one of them and become a weapon against the others.
  • Ignorant of the part I had acted, he had rushed into the jaws of this pest, and endangered a life unspeakably valuable to his children and friends.
  • The Bank of England, in its early stages, was endangered by various and extraordinary circumstances.
  • Fearing, thus, to leave the furs behind, and now endangered by their weight, Hager found the situation maddening.
  • Nor is the mechanism so simple that the success of an act is assured by an intensification of the attention bestowed upon it, and endangered by its diminution.
  • Why Carlo Caraffa should thus have endangered the life and reputation of his sister-in-law as well as that of his enemy is not definitely stated.
  • His debts would not stand in his way, if only he could make this rich father believe that in other matters his daughter would not be endangered by the marriage.
  • But "The Curlew" was our all: we couldn't see it endangered without rushing to the rescue.

Short Example Sentence for Endangered

  • But her fortune both endangered and protected her.
  • He had endangered his own and other lives to humor a boyish whim.
  • She had taken it into her head that his health was endangered in some way.
  • And she had such a dim sense of the people who might be endangered by it.
  • He would have his order endangered by no looseness of priestly morals.
  • She seems to have been less endangered in performing these acts than were men.
  • Penda's victories endangered the cause of Christianity.
  • She had stepped too far, and had thereby, for a moment, endangered her sport.
  • Is anything, then, of God's contriving endangered by inquiry?

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