Endeavoring in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Endeavoring

1. He knew the tramp was endeavoring to anger him. 🔊

2. The maid from Macassar was endeavoring to attract him. 🔊

3. She seemed to be endeavoring to arrive at a conscientious decision. 🔊

4. Almost hysterically she was endeavoring to extenuate her crime, her treason. 🔊

5. He was endeavoring to fix and hold those dark, furtive eyes. 🔊

6. The colt lifted its head, endeavoring spasmodically to get to its feet. 🔊

7. I was endeavoring to express my contrition when Haldane laughed. 🔊

8. Behind sat Alan, endeavoring to restrain his feelings and keep quiet. 🔊

How to use Endeavoring in Sentences?

1. The servant was endeavoring to make him comprehend the visitor that was at hand. 🔊

2. That they were the work of some one endeavoring to depreciate the value of the property, she was certain. 🔊

3. Several nurserymen are now endeavoring to find varieties of commercial value in the eastern part of the country. 🔊

4. But what was remarkable about him was that instead of endeavoring to conceal any gypsy indications, they were manifestly exaggerated. 🔊

5. The commanding officer evidently was not doing his duty, and this major was endeavoring to rally his men and get them at work. 🔊

6. Lifting his shoulders in dumb dismay, and endeavoring to compose his features, he entered the tavern. 🔊

7. I drove him into the entry and chased him from end to end, endeavoring to make him fly through one of the open doors. 🔊

8. It was decided that the cable should, be laid by one vessel, instead of endeavoring to work from two as in the past. 🔊

9. He was small, and had a round, rollicking face, which he was constantly endeavoring to draw down into lines of asceticism. 🔊

10. Shortly I was supping in a neat little cottage, and endeavoring in the usual way to be agreeable to some one in muslin. 🔊

11. Captain Eri found a party with axes endeavoring to cut a hole through the side of the saloon in order to get out the pool table. 🔊

12. Naturally, I argued the point, endeavoring to justify myself, and in the process we nearly quarreled. 🔊

13. I bowed as, endeavoring to remember the names that followed, I moved towards the chair beside her when she beckoned. 🔊

14. The best minds of the orthodox world, to-day, are endeavoring to prove the existence of a personal Deity. 🔊