Endorsement in a sentence

Definition of Endorsement

The act or quality of endorsing | An amendment or annotation to an insurance contract or other official document (such as a driving licence). | (aviation) An instructor's signed acknowledgement of time practising specific flying skills.

How to use Endorsement in a Sentence?

  • Mr. Conklin, the physical director, gave enthusiastic endorsement and encouragement.
  • With such an endorsement as to rarity and quality the pamphlet was again put to the test of the auction room.
  • An endorsement on the letter says that it was not sent, but it is none the less worthy of being printed.
  • They had a good effect, as some of the weaker members needed just such endorsement to make them strong.
  • The endorsement was most likely written some time afterwards, and in momentary forgetfulness of the date.
  • Fitch next lived for a year or two in and did approve of the invention, he withheld any public endorsement of it.
  • This form will require, previous to payment, the endorsement of the party to whom it is made payable.
  • That is much more important than the endorsement by any Englishman as to the historical accuracy of the statements which it contains.
  • At this unequivocal endorsement from expert authority the eyes of Argentopolis again followed the big man in the fur overcoat.
  • No endorsement is | |intended for products mentioned, nor is criticism meant for products not| |mentioned.
  • High-principled Senators and Representatives would take up these petitions and present them with their own endorsement of the case.
  • This embassy sought to secure an endorsement of the loan from Prince Gabriel sufficient to meet the coming crisis.
  • This statement of the doctrine of breath-control must not be construed as an endorsement of the theory of the vocal action embodied in this doctrine.
  • At a caucus Hamilton warmly opposed the endorsement of a man whom he characterized as dangerous and who had not ought to be trusted with the reins of government.
  • In ten days the letter came back with the endorsement on it by the postmaster that her friend had sold his property at a sacrifice and disappeared, his nearest friends did not know where.
  • In the interval, Charles was to come to a satisfactory understanding with the electors and obtain their official endorsement for the imperial grant.
  • By their advice and with their enthusiastic endorsement she made a statement of her case in 1870 and presented it before Congress, asking for recognition and a due award.

Short Example Sentence for Endorsement

  • I glanced at the endorsement on the back.
  • No. 27 shows the endorsement on a cheque.
  • The Delawares gave silent endorsement to his words.
  • It bears the endorsement of Lady Nelson, as given.
  • Later on in the evening we had a strange endorsement of the national will.
  • In his own mind he wanted no endorsement of the correctness of his idea.
  • I was again surprised at the universal consent or endorsement of the petition.
  • This rule has the universal endorsement of experienced speakers.
  • An emphatic endorsement of that sentiment from both Max and Lulu.
  • His testimony is invaluable as an endorsement of Mr. Bibb's truthfulness.

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