Endured in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Endured

1. And how she endured the punishment! 🔊

2. And so we endured it in our pride and our dignity. 🔊

3. Thus he there endured a quarter of a year. 🔊

4. She endured his company without seeming to enjoy it. 🔊

5. Dinah proudly endured the burden of life without support. 🔊

6. I endured it well, for I held the winning cards. 🔊

7. This was indeed a poor return for what he had endured for her! 🔊

8. Luther had endured the monastery for the very purpose of enduring hardness. 🔊

9. Now pain and agony well endured undoubtedly strengthen character. 🔊

10. What I have endured from pressure on the brain is unspeakable. 🔊

11. It was here that Celtic influence was most felt and endured the longest. 🔊

12. I never could have endured any one of those Henley girls for him. 🔊

13. Mrs. Wickersham might have endured the praise of the elegance of the mansion. 🔊

14. Thus the battle between King Arthur and Lucius the Emperor endured long. 🔊

How to use Endured in Sentences?

1. It was this which inspired the unshakable confidence which has endured from the first day of war. 🔊

2. He had endured his share of it, and inflicted far more than his share on others. 🔊

3. The poor girl had endured all this severity on my account, and was faithful even to the last. 🔊

4. Being tied up could be endured for one day, but suppose it might have to be for longer? 🔊

5. In 1570 Newcastle and in 1574 Edinburgh endured terrible visitations of this scourge. 🔊

6. After this peace-making endured the war of the King with the Uplanders three half-years. 🔊

7. Yet through her fear and discomfort was creeping surprise that her strength had endured even this long. 🔊

8. It removed from her mind the portion of its load which was endured on his behalf; for the young hero was safe. 🔊