Energetic in a sentence

Definition of Energetic

Possessing, exerting, or displaying energy. | Of or relating to energy.

Short Example Sentence for Energetic

  • 1. He has an energetic head and is in robust health.
  • 2. Events like this pleased his wild and energetic nature.
  • 3. She worked as hard as the most energetic spirits of our time.
  • 4. Joe's energetic arms set a perfect gale blowing.
  • 5. Encouraged by success, the leaders redoubled their already energetic efforts.
  • 6. In the working class there are many talented, devoted, and energetic people.

How to use Energetic in a Sentence?

  • 1. He describes their earnestness and energetic application as being most remarkable.
  • 2. Everywhere an energetic officer of the various departments directing the operations.
  • 3. That something was machinery and a vague energetic disposition to improve material things.
  • 4. There is enough to be done to employ the full time of exceptionally energetic men.
  • 5. He was an energetic worker, and had full knowledge of all home and foreign affairs.
  • 6. It was a motley crowd of mourners that the energetic forefinger urged along the line of march.
  • 7. More gestures, more whisperings, and then sighs of exhaustion from the energetic wizard.
  • 8. The energetic action of the times develops individualism, and the religious appear isolated.
  • 9. Astor was as energetic as Rhinelander in getting grants from the city officials.
  • 10. He, like the rest of us, at first exhibited the most energetic awkwardness in drilling.
  • 11. It was characteristic of her energetic mind that past mistakes were dismissed as soon as they were discovered.
  • 12. In an insect, an energetic movement is equally necessary to strike the air at both beats up and down.
  • 13. Nor was it content with these auditory demonstrations, for it resorted to far more energetic methods of physical violence.
  • 14. The thought that one has a future is a great stimulus to careful and energetic action in the performance of public duties.
  • 15. In most respects it is very similar to sodium, the chief difference being that it is even more energetic in its action upon other substances.
  • 16. During all of his service this officer was a magnificent example of courage, modesty, and energetic devotion to duty.
  • 17. In some cases the action is so energetic that the mass becomes incandescent, as has been seen in the case of iron uniting with sulphur.
  • 18. Already Stephen was beginning to regard him less as a man than as an energetic idea, as activity incarnate.
  • 19. When the pressure of the legs becomes insufficient to entirely collect the forces, more energetic means must be employed, viz.
  • 20. Acids, excepting hydrofluoric acid, have little action on it, and it requires the most energetic reducing agents to deprive it of oxygen.
  • 21. Rhoda was so energetic and efficient that the sun was just climbing from behind the far peaks when Kut-le finished his bacon and coffee.
  • 22. They are making very energetic efforts to control the disease in Yugoslavia, trying to delay it as much as possible.
  • 23. During the time of the German occupation, her coolness and energetic attitude assured the safety of the establishment she directed.
  • 24. Judith Blount was to learn much from this energetic little person and to listen with the patience of a tried friend to her stream of conversation.
  • 25. The best of calisthenics," he says, "this energetic educator teaches the man to carry himself like a soldier.
  • 26. A clanging cymbal in the energetic hands of a deck steward boomed at the doorway, withdrew and gave up its life in a far away, tinny clatter.
  • 27. John, priest and monk also, was of most energetic talents, learned in all kinds of literary science, and skilled in many other arts.
  • 28. Although not far from 70 years of age, I found him apparently as active and as energetic as many men of half that age.
  • 29. He was an energetic and dashing officer who fell near me in an attempt to break out of Danville prison on the tenth of the following December.
  • 30. Hitherto his tardy and clattering arrival had been a daily happening, provocative of accents sharp and energetic from Miss Clara.
  • 31. Under increased pressure there is more matter in a given volume of a gas, and the chemical action is more energetic than when the gases are rarefied.
  • 32. It was quite on the cards that the energetic old spinster might have offered to accompany her if she had said that she was going for a stroll in the gardens before going to bed.
  • 33. His profound distaste for this conversation was betrayed by an air of weariness darkening his energetic sun-tanned features, and by the augmented dreaminess of his eyes.
  • 34. Having for some time declaimed in such an energetic manner as to spread consternation throughout the camp, he turned his dromedary again to the west, and in a few minutes was out of sight.