Energy in a sentence

Definition of Energy

The impetus behind all motion and all activity. | The capacity to do work. | (physics) A quantity that denotes the ability to do work and is measured in a unit dimensioned in mass Γ— distanceΒ²/timeΒ² (MLΒ²/TΒ²) or the equivalent.

Short Example Sentence for Energy

  • 1. The English fought with the energy of despair.
  • 2. He deserved freedom on account of the energy with which he struggled for it.
  • 3. This blind waste of energy has excited in him the spirit of opposition.
  • 4. The energy and the ingenuity of man are an over-match even for time.
  • 5. He had not sprung up, but life and energy had come back to him.
  • 6. Means and energy were alike lacking, and could never be supplied.
  • 7. Indignation, pity, the full energy of my will, possessed me.

How to use Energy in a Sentence?

  • 1. The energy of this current is derived from the chemical action of the acid on the zinc.
  • 2. They were of a tragic and tremendous sort, and were performed with great energy and earnestness.
  • 3. The pointed fingers were pale, but they grasped the time-stick with an energy like naked nerve.
  • 4. All the energy available is applied directly to the piece of apparatus at the time it is being operated.
  • 5. There were hours of grayness when he told himself that he had neither the fortitude to endure the old nor the energy to embrace the new.
  • 6. The telephone receiver is the device which translates the energy of the voice currents into the energy of corresponding sound waves.
  • 7. Perhaps it only needs a leader to turn this store of energy into wider channels and to make it subservient to larger ends.
  • 8. In performing the ordinary functions of an electromagnet it translates the energy of an electrical current into the energy of mechanical motion.
  • 9. Now both of them knew that, once the source of power was used up, that was the end of that energy cell.
  • 10. Because of this his energy and brain were both beginning to fail; and here the value of the hand and head he had trained was proved.
  • 11. And as agent for the new owner he farmed the place with far greater energy and success than he had ever shown on his own account.
  • 12. Vetch's face lost suddenly its rigid gravity, as if he had suffered a rush of energy to the brain.
  • 13. In still another way we may classify manual switchboards if the method of distributing the energy for talking and signaling purposes is ignored.
  • 14. These things are mighty motors which push along civilization, throwing a wonderful energy into the forward impulse of the world.
  • 15. Apafi's features now wore an expression of dignity, firmness, and energy worthy of a prince.
  • 16. One party were vehemently of the opinion that he was mad; another party opposed this view with equal energy and just as much foundation.
  • 17. The energy supplied to a calling line is always, therefore, from a different source than that which supplies a called line.
  • 18. This current is caused by an effective electromotive force which may be as great as 100 volts, produced immediately by the energy of the user.
  • 19. The battle escalated into a full conflict, and soon, both sides no longer had any power left in their energy cells.
  • 20. There was a sort of energy about him, a new sort of energy to us; we had never realised that anything of the sort existed in the world.
  • 21. The interim was full of the quality of work delayed, of time and energy wasted, of insecure precautions against scandal and exposure.
  • 22. At last, he caught sight of me, and with renewed energy he plunged away again, clear across the current and out into the lake.
  • 23. All the complex forces, the play and interplay of desire and repulsion, of energy and lassitude, had developed in the last two or three years.
  • 24. My most unexpected energy threw the whole table into a roar, at the conclusion of which Fin began his narrative of the mail-coach adventure.
  • 25. Suddenly, with a dash of nervous energy which appeared to run like a stimulant through her veins, Alice straightened herself and lifted her head.
  • 26. The blighted sensation which accompanies the recoil of an emotion seemed to suspend not only the energy of her spirit, but the very breath in her body.
  • 27. Frequently electromagnetic coils have only the function of offering impedance, where no requirements exist for converting any part of the electric energy into mechanical work.
  • 28. Not one of those long summers by the river had seen that gorgeous display of flowers in our garden which in all good faith and energy we planned with every spring.
  • 29. It was set into motion by great hands and the power of will, churning the infinite matter and energy and bringing into being the stunning light of a living state.
  • 30. The diaphragm thus serves as a translating device, changing the energy carried by the molecules of the air into localized oscillations of the matter of the diaphragm.
  • 31. With admirable energy and with perfect clarity of vision he addressed himself to the gigantic task, the general plan of which and many of the details had been thought out long before.
  • 32. His hunger for life still unabated, he summons up all his energy and orders out an army of workmen to complete a great undertaking on which he has set his heart.
  • 33. The force and energy of the free national development were felt in the spontaneous movement that placed so many ardent, courageous spirits at the service of the country.