Engage in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Engage

1. It is not for me to engage in a discussion on that point. 🔊

2. Slowly his soft caressing eyes engage it. 🔊

3. Let us engage our companions not to spare us. 🔊

4. No more fascinating study could possibly engage us. 🔊

5. Then the two men sought the quay to engage a boat. 🔊

6. The Crusades next engage our attention. 🔊

7. Smith tried to engage Doc in medical topics. 🔊

8. What did not the Emperor do to engage him in his Interest? 🔊

9. He wanted his father to engage one for him then, but he did not ask him. 🔊

10. Antiochus, about to engage in a war, is consulting the augur. 🔊

How to use Engage in Sentences?

1. The elucidation of this branch of their constitution is now to engage our attention. 🔊

2. Then he set about the performance which had looked so simple when he had seen others engage in it. 🔊

3. For this reason they seldom engage in war, and they think it unjust to extend their frontiers. 🔊

4. If any engage in such proceedings and drag my name into it, what can I do to stop them? 🔊

5. The Government could never engage in the business of promoting fashions and training the markets. 🔊

6. He took care to do so with special dexterity whenever he could engage his master in a game of cards. 🔊

7. He felt from the first that the contest was a fight for the black man, and he was anxious to engage in it. 🔊

8. They want to engage more directly and they see almost every set of rules as up for reinterpretation and re-engineering. 🔊

9. This girl knows me thoroughly, since she comprehends that there is no so certain way to engage my affections as to defy them! 🔊

10. He could not engage in side-stepping discussions because they became dull and took too long to reach the information that was desired. 🔊

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