Enhance in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Enhance

1. Even the crude dress seemed to enhance him. 🔊

2. They served sufficiently to enhance his foreign appearance. 🔊

3. These tend to enhance the size they are supposed to conceal. 🔊

4. If so, does it decrease or enhance the value and authority of these stories? 🔊

5. A larger reredos would further enhance the peculiar charm of the east end. 🔊

6. All the barriers to rank only whet the thirst, and enhance the prize. 🔊

7. He feigned surprise, and hesitated, as if to enhance his value. 🔊

8. I hoped to see, whose whiteness should enhance the lustre of rare black eyes. 🔊

9. This reply seemed to enhance Jacintha's fear. 🔊

How to use Enhance in Sentences?

1. To enhance its value for this purpose blank pages are inserted for notes. 🔊

2. These facts seemed to the committee only to enhance the interesting character of the affair. 🔊

3. A splendid marriage would enhance and strengthen the prestige more than anything else. 🔊

4. In growing up we grow in complications, which enhance the darkness and pain of our lives. 🔊

5. To enhance the comfort and attractions of our homes and to strengthen our attachments to our pursuits. 🔊

6. We are therefore told to seek increased earnings and to economize in our expenditures in order to enhance the national wealth. 🔊

7. Her freshness is exquisite, her figure excellent when she knows how to enhance its beauty by well-made garments. 🔊

8. I was told that the glass is now valuable simply as old glass, and of course the autographs enhance the value. 🔊

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