Enjoy in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Enjoy

1. Jim never could enjoy wasps. 🔊

2. She endured his company without seeming to enjoy it. 🔊

3. But oh, how she did enjoy her dinner! 🔊

4. Let him enjoy his triumph, and push it to the utmost. 🔊

5. Go ahead and enjoy the Governor as much as you can. 🔊

6. As for the rest, the Women here enjoy great Liberty. 🔊

7. How they would enjoy themselves among these lakes and rivers. 🔊

8. They were hungry enough to enjoy a hearty meal at a restaurant. 🔊

9. For his part he wished to live thousands of years and to enjoy life. 🔊

10. He had plenty of money, and was determined in any case to enjoy himself. 🔊

11. I'm sure of one thing you enjoy looking over our heads. 🔊

12. There, men came not only to enjoy but to make others enjoy as well. 🔊

13. Apafi, after so many sleepless nights, could at last enjoy repose. 🔊

14. Now business was a thing which Archibald enjoyed as some men enjoy golf. 🔊

15. They crossed the Piazzetta, but paused in the middle of it to enjoy the scene. 🔊

How to use Enjoy in Sentences?

1. What a help it was to have one creature who did enjoy it all from the very first! 🔊

2. He could never enjoy the kernel of the nut, but pestered himself to get more out of the shell. 🔊

3. I walked to Mount Arafat, to enjoy from its summit a more distinct view of the whole. 🔊

4. I believe I enjoy it now as much as I did then: yet it is a good deal over fifty years ago. 🔊

5. By the time that dinner was served they were all in the most friendly humor possible and ready to enjoy the least excuse for laughter. 🔊