Enthralled in a sentence

Definition of Enthralled

Fascinated; captivated. | simple past tense and past participle of enthrall

How to use Enthralled in a Sentence?

  • She appeared to be too enthralled by the discomfiture of her enemy to utter a word.
  • Just as some people are naturally enthralled and refreshed by music, so others are by landscape.
  • Peter felt vastly happy, too enthralled to believe that the state could endure.
  • They are being won and enthralled by the wonderful personality and life of Jesus.
  • The infinite variety of this woman, that made her a suite of surprises, instantly enthralled him.
  • Persephone became enthralled to Hades after tasting the mystic pomegranate of the underworld.
  • His eloquence on art and life, genius and literature, had enthralled and placated me ...
  • This taste enthralled him for years, and, indeed, may be said never to have left him.
  • For having bestowed boons upon mortals, I am enthralled unhappy in these hardships.
  • How, when the powers of will and thought are past, Should life be any more enthralled to pain?
  • I want to tell you about one who has enthralled my heart; who has divided it with my True Love.
  • Kyrie was addicted to technical mastery and enthralled by her own cleverness and the ardent worship of her teenage followers.
  • Never before had she stood in awe, enthralled before such an altar as this man's hearthstone.
  • The ingenuity of device and boldness of execution of his astounding adventures keep the reader enthralled to the very end.
  • She turned her face toward him, flushed now with the joy of the night and the stars and the new love that enthralled her.
  • Women had been wont to listen greedily to his strambotti, enthralled by the cunning of the words and the seductive sweetness of his voice.
  • On her face was still the expression of rapturous tenderness that was not for him, which, nevertheless, had enthralled him.
  • Suddenly the roseate light, the same alluring sounds of music, the same sweet odors, enthralled him again.
  • All society, for the most part, except a fragment of the working class, was enthralled by the spell of property.
  • Curious as to what so enthralled the stranger the man of the ink-horn tiptoed behind him, read the title over his shoulder, and laughed aloud.
  • But no Orpheus, wildly harping through the woods, ever led more enthralled and subjugated listeners.
  • It was now fall, a golden-and-red autumn that enthralled the visitors from the East when they looked abroad to the hills of a morning.
  • Briscoe had persuaded her friend that to see again the woman who had enthralled him of yore was the lure that had brought him so unexpectedly to this solitude of the mountains.
  • It was to have wrung the sympathetic heart of the public and at the same time to have enthralled the student of barbaric life with its wealth of exotic detail.
  • All that is most lavish and most ingenious in the imaginative power and the executive ability of man had been laid under contribution to produce the effect which now enthralled his senses.

Short Example Sentence for Enthralled

  • Alice was enthralled by it all.
  • And her courage enthralled him.
  • But latterly a god had enthralled her.
  • The novel danger of the situation enthralled him.
  • Its magnificent, unchanging beauty had enthralled her.
  • And King was too enthralled to do anything but stare.
  • But it was the wisdom of her far more than the beauty that enthralled him.
  • I believe it was on that evening that she enthralled my heart forever.
  • His delicacy enthralled me more by far than persuasion could have done.
  • Her magic drew a veil before his eyes, which blinded and enthralled him.
  • Else had never ceased to be completely enthralled by Robert.
  • Poe's writing, especially his poetry, enthralled him.
  • Warm, luxurious sleep, only that, seemed to have enthralled him.
  • In the mouth how sweet, propitious To the tongue enthralled by thee!
  • On thy head lies the burden of the woe of Khem, this day enthralled of Rome.

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