Enthusiast in a sentence πŸ”Š

Short Sentences for Enthusiast

1. Emmie was an enthusiast in music. πŸ”Š

2. I am not more an enthusiast to his memory than you. πŸ”Š

3. The enthusiast stopped. πŸ”Š

4. An enthusiast is apt to be insistent. πŸ”Š

5. The Transcendentalist was an enthusiast on this article. πŸ”Š

6. Our Lord was an enthusiast in the eyes of the Pharisees. πŸ”Š

7. St. Paul was an enthusiast to Festus. πŸ”Š

8. The scorned enthusiast of one generation is the hero of the next. πŸ”Š

9. He was an enthusiast in the science, and the best people patronized him. πŸ”Š

10. He was an enthusiast in music, and when he played he seemed to be inspired. πŸ”Š

11. PUNCH has been an enthusiast for the Hunting Field. πŸ”Š

12. The background includes the life drama of an enthusiast for Labour reform. πŸ”Š

13. The truant Fancy was a wanderer ever, A lone enthusiast maid. πŸ”Š

14. The enthusiast would reply that by Liberty he meant the Law of Liberty. πŸ”Š

How to use Enthusiast in Sentences?

1. Who can measure the fascination under which the young enthusiast fell at first sight? πŸ”Š

2. Macnooder the enthusiast was conquered, but Macnooder the financier remained cold and controlled. πŸ”Š

3. Who could wonder that Rosette, enthusiast as he was, should be irremovable from his observatory? πŸ”Š

4. And as she touched a trembling lute, The lone enthusiast stood entranced and mute. πŸ”Š

5. Dr. Le Plongeon is an enthusiast in his chosen career, that of an archΓ¦ologist and an explorer. πŸ”Š

6. He is an enthusiast within limits for the genius of Sterne and the genius of Horace Walpole. πŸ”Š

7. An enthusiast in dying proves nothing but that religious fanaticism is often stronger than the love of life. πŸ”Š