Enthusiastic in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Enthusiastic

1. I am not an enthusiastic play-goer. 🔊

2. An enthusiastic cheer answered him. 🔊

3. The assembly broke into enthusiastic applause. 🔊

4. The most enthusiastic men are often the quietest. 🔊

5. He was an enthusiastic Oriental scholar. 🔊

6. The Alumni had an enthusiastic meeting. 🔊

7. Surgeon, an enthusiastic fox-hunting, 138. 🔊

8. He grew even more enthusiastic after meeting Louise. 🔊

9. As they drew near the valley his eyes lost their enthusiastic light. 🔊

10. Music lovers crowded into his dressing-room, enthusiastic in their praises. 🔊

11. To the excited vision of the enthusiastic Pep the result was a burst of glory. 🔊

12. He growed plumb enthusiastic then, 'Beautiful subject,' says he. 🔊

How to use Enthusiastic in Sentences?

1. The enthusiastic welcome he received from his countrymen encouraged his dissatisfaction. 🔊

2. Two letters this morning were full of enthusiastic encomium on the use of the machine. 🔊

3. Hatherleigh made an enthusiastic noise and drank beer at him with round eyes over the mug. 🔊

4. Some were doubtless impressed, and went away enthusiastic about that young warrior. 🔊

5. Nothing is so warm, and enthusiastic as a sudden expansion of the heart between young men. 🔊

6. The inhabitants of Mastung were enthusiastic in their description of the plain in summer. 🔊

7. Some were enthusiastic students of English literature, and especially of English poetry. 🔊

8. Mr Haydon understands art, lectures upon it, and is, we believe, enthusiastic in his profession. 🔊

9. His appearance was the signal for prolonged and enthusiastic greeting from the enormous audience present. 🔊

10. The view that burst upon his sight was such as might well have engrossed the attention of a more enthusiastic temperament. 🔊