Entries in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Entries

1. The entries are for the most part very brief. 🔊

2. Some entries were missing from the index. 🔊

3. Some entries were missing from this index. 🔊

4. Such little human entries abound. 🔊

5. The entries are not in perfect alphabetical order. 🔊

6. I omit the first few entries as purely personal. 🔊

7. Cutting up of entries when written on pages of paper, 182. 🔊

8. Rapidly Jerry scanned the entries for several days back. 🔊

9. Here are a few entries chosen at random: Vol. 🔊

10. Mr. Martin inspected the entries in this book to-day. 🔊

11. The following entries are worthy of quotation: Vol. 🔊

12. The entries are so enticing that they lead you on to devour the whole book. 🔊

13. The number of entries in the 1919 contest was about 50% greater than in 1918. 🔊

14. The entries came to the mark, firmly gripping stakes and notices. 🔊

15. The entries to be arranged according to the order of the English alphabet. 🔊

16. Such entries as this show his attitude: "Dec. 25, 1685. 🔊

17. He saw entries in the hospital records made by his father's hand. 🔊

How to use Entries in Sentences?

1. The entries are set out in single lines under the headings in the successive order of the pages. 🔊

2. It was plain he had stopped at nothing; there were false entries everywhere and many forgeries. 🔊

3. The entries grow briefer and more infrequent, as the month fixed upon for the marriage draws near. 🔊

4. It is needless to worry the reader with those entries in the book referring to events already related. 🔊

5. One or two of the entries had dropped out at the last moment, and there were ten contestants who faced the starter. 🔊

6. There had been fifty-four entries for this triumphal procession, but not more than thirty-three cars put in an appearance. 🔊

7. Some of the entries referred to simple matters of deportment: you must not turn your back on persons to whom you talk. 🔊