Envious in a sentence

Definition of Envious

Feeling or exhibiting envy; jealously desiring the excellence or good fortune of another; maliciously grudging | Excessively careful; cautious. | (obsolete) Malignant; mischievous; spiteful.

How to use Envious in a Sentence?

  • The transfiguration attracted envious attention, and he was besieged with questions.
  • What shall it avail any man to feel envious at the success he obtains by so legitimate a means?
  • He had always been jealous and envious of his sister, and was besides in immediate need of money.
  • But the cries rose up again, and with them the shrill, twittering laughter of her envious rivals.
  • To all this gunpowder-talk John listened with envious ears and a curious sinking of the heart.
  • To all this gunpowder-talk John listened with envious ears and a curious sinking of the heart.
  • Now plague upon these envious tale-bearers, Who are so glad to fetch and carry news!
  • He opened and shut his eyes and mouth, and cast a grudging, envious look at Richard.
  • Yes, if he could, he would work and take his place over the envious heads of his Jago friends.
  • That Abbey is the only thing I have seen in England that I am jealous or envious of.
  • I was careful not to exceed many of them in shooting; for no people are more envious than they in this sport.
  • To guard them from the supposed influence of the envious or evil eye, they have recourse to various expedients.
  • The miser and envious are punished as soon as they begin to commit their respective sins; and some virtues are their own present reward.
  • Half right and half left are two monstrous blocks of red brick flats overlooking it with a thousand envious eyes.
  • Rumours had been bruited, things said in secret by envious and less distinguished men, but they had never harmed him.
  • If there were any members of the old cabal, any envious rivals, they either held their peace or spoke in whispers.
  • Then he grew envious and began to wish and wish and wish that he could have a long tail like his cousin Whitefoot.
  • Being envious of their good fortune, the raja and his sons resolved to kill the cow, and thus obtain possession of all the gold and silver.
  • The teacher whom she had met on entering the academy was fastening her cloak, and she gazed at Maria with a sort of envious admiration.
  • The whole world has been envious of the saving ability of France, and has invited the overflow of her accumulations into their local enterprises.
  • How else can we explain it, the dreary charge which feeble and envious tongues have brought against you, in England and at home?

Short Example Sentence for Envious

  • She was envious of his happiness.
  • I am secretly envious of them.
  • May looked down upon the envious world below.
  • Maybe he is a wee bit envious of my possessions.
  • Was he envious of the success of the Egyptian magicians?
  • See, what a rent the envious Casca made!
  • One, a small, weazened fellow, gave him an envious look.
  • Than a malignant Heart and envious Mind.
  • Is it not then both absurd and unreasonable to be envious of our benefactors?
  • He was as free from envious or jealous feeling as from common selfishness.
  • Smeaton was not an envious man, and congratulated him heartily.
  • They are envious and impudent, and cowardly from superstition.
  • It must have made the angels painted on the ceiling envious to hear them.
  • Gaining the summit, an envious cloud sweeping round the hill.
  • Then her envious heart had rest, so far as an envious heart can have rest.
  • I had cast envious eyes upon this particular strip of ground several times.
  • Nor would men call to God from the envious who casts at them.
  • Or, it may chance, some envious power usurps His lawful birthright.
  • Then the envious mother cried out, 'Will you fare better than we do?

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